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Discuss Research Into The Effects Of Video Games And Computers.

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´╗┐DISCUSS RESEARCH INTO THE EFFECTS OF VIDEO GAMES AND COMPUTERS Some psychologists believe that video games and computers have a negative effect on people, and they also argue that they may be a link between excessive game play (or excessive use of the computer) and violent or antisocial behaviour in real life. Guo identified four main effects of playing violent video games. One effect is that it increases physiological arousal. This means that playing violent video games increases a person?s heart rate and their blood pressure. This is a negative effect because an increase in heart rate or blood pressure can potentially lead to a person having a heart attack, and there is even a chance that a person can die from that heart attack if they are given the right treatment in time. Tafalla examined the effects of music on using the game ?doom? and found that both men and women showed an increase in heart rate and blood pressure when music was being played. This suggests that video games do increase people?s physiological arousal and this could be rather dangerous as a person?s life could potentially be at risk. However, having said that, it could be argued by some psychologists that although violent video games may increase a person?s heart rate and their blood pressure, it does not necessarily mean that they would get a heart attack and die- the increase in heart rate and blood ...read more.


Only those players who were already aggressive before the game become angrier after playing it. This suggests that only naturally aggressive people are affected by aggressive games. Another effect of playing violent video games is that it can lead to desensitisation to violence. Advances in technology have also led to an increased ability to study brain responses to gaming. This means that violent videos can lead to people being less affected by violence. For example, if someone plays a violent game more than once, they may become less affected by violence in real life as they would be used to violence. This can be a negative effect as this could lead to people to commit more crimes as they may think that it is normal to, for example, stab someone with a knife. Bartholomew compared the brain responses of habitual players with those who do not play violent games. He found reduced brain responses (desensitisation) in those used to game violence. This shows that violent video games can lead desensitisation to violence. So it seems that violent video games that can have a negative effect on people, especially children since they can easily be influenced by video games, so this means that parents may have to be careful and cautious when it comes to what video games their children are exposed to. ...read more.


There has also been research which suggests that the computers can have positive effects on people. Katz and Aspden suggest that the internet could lead to more and better social relationships, especially for shy people, since its anonymity reduces feelings of embarrassment. Shapiro has also suggested that social isolation may lead to greater internet use, rather than being caused by it and so could be seen as beneficial for those who have difficulty with face to face relationships. This challenges Kraut et al findings as it shows us that the computer can help people become more social and the computer doesn?t cause people to be isolated as Kraut et al argue. So, it seems that video games and computers can have both a positive and a negative effect on people. Violent video games and excessive use of computer can cause people to show antisocial behaviours. For example, if a person plays violent video games, they may become more aggressive meaning that they may not be able to integrate in the society. Excessive use of computer may mean that a person may find it rather hard to make friends as they may lack the social skills needed to communicate with others. However, some research suggests that excessive use of the computer and violent video games can have a positive effect on people. For example, violent video games can relieve stress meaning that a person may take out their anger on video games rather than taking it out on other people. ...read more.

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