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Discuss the advantages of the use of the scientific method in psychology

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Science itself is only a science because it is has control, predictability, replicabilty (being able to replicate the experiment), objectivity, and be falsifiable (where a theory can be proved correct). It is also nomoethic, reductionist, deterministic and empirical (records information from direct observation). Psychology can be classed as a science because it contains the same characteristics. An advantage of applying the scientific method to psychology is that researchers have increased control over the IV and can have standardized procedures, which increases the researches' reliability and replicablility. For e.g. Loftus and Palmer showed the same participants the same clips of the same car crash and gave them the same questionnaires (apart from one differing leading question), and they were all tested in the same environment. ...read more.


Brain scans can also identify tumors on the frontal lobe to diagnose mental illness such as schizophrenia. The fact that these things can be physically proven mean that psychology is scientific and results from research can be appropriately applied to create treatments for humans such as psychosurgery and drug medication. However, Freudian theories of the psychosexual stages and tripartal personality can't be proven as we can't see or measure such things. Like science, we can also replicate research in psychology. BLM research into biological preparedness could easily be replicated with the same or different participants to check reliability of results, by simply re-gathering participants and re distributing the questionnaire. ...read more.


This is an advantage as results are far more accurate and applicable to real life. Overall, the advantage of having scientific research in psychology is that it generally means people are more likely to trust it as science is seen as reliable. It also means researchers can apply results to drug treatments and psychosurgery to treat mental illness. Increased validity and reliability can be ensured as psychology uses methodological pluralism is used - psychology has varied methods of measuring behavior. However, many people would argue science isn't appropriate to psychology as humans are unpredictable and immeasurable, unlike scientific elements like atoms and time. All humans have different biological and environmental backgrounds, and the varied approaches to psychology mean that it is not reductionist, and there are many different justifications for human behaviour. ...read more.

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