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Divorce: How does it affect teenage girls?

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Divorce: How does it affect teenage girls? By: Rochelle Angley DCP-Quirk Mon/Wed 6-10 November 7, 2001 Did you know about half of American marriages end in divorce and three-fourths of these involve children? About one-fourth of these children live in single-parent households. Many of the children living with their mother, although the father's custody has increased over the past decade from nine to fourteen percent, we are still seeing them struggle into today's society. Children spend an average of five years in a single-parent home (almost a third of their total childhood). For many of those divorced it eventually leads to a new family and new relationships. Almost two-thirds of divorced parents remarry a second time. Many of these relationships causing a third major change- another divorce. Divorce is not a single event, instead it leads to many life-altering changes: new living arrangements, change in housing, income, family roles, and responsibilities. ...read more.


I believe this to be so because they were let down by the ones whom they trusted most and how could they trust someone they just met? Especially at such a critical time in their lives where they are trying to find out who they truly are. Overtime, I could see it get better, but it was definitely a struggle for us both. Most of my girls lived with their biological mother and stepfather (the most frequent type of blended family). I noticed through out the season that if anything were to go wrong, the girls were quickly to blame their mother. I know it is said that girls have a hard time adjusting to their stepfather because they disrupt the close tie between them and their mom, but almost 90 percent of the time, they blamed their mother. A perfect example is one of my girls was never on time for any of the games or practices. ...read more.


I propose that if the half of the American marriages aren't working, we as a society need to act and act now. There are two many children involved and it isn't their fault. These children need to be born into homes that are secure, so they too can feel secure. I believe that parents always want the best for their children, but are making mistakes and hurting their children instead. I have grown up in a home where my mother and father have been together for twenty-eight years and counting! I cannot tell you how much of an advantage this is for me and my brother and sister. We have accomplished so much in our lifetime and we have so much more to look forward to. I believe this is because of our strong family base. My parents have set a standard, and I know that my brother, sister, and I will do the same if not more. All children should have this advantage. If people really truly love one another, then it is through everything in life, STICK IT OUT FOR THE CHILDREN! ...read more.

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