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Do you agree that the American education system is designed to shape conformity in its students, and that friends also play a big role in shaping conformity?

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1 In America, education is seen as a priority of life. American education is very important if you want to be a professional, well off person, therefore American schools encourage students to conform at a very young age. We are taught to follow directions, be on time, get work done, etc., all of which are required in order to become a respected person in society. Schools are teaching kids how to behave and how to act in certain situations, and act like others, which is also called conformity. Friends also play a big role in shaping conformity. We learn to conform to our group of friends in order to be part of the group. I believe that schools and friends are major influences to the act of conforming, because school is where we spend most of our day as children and adolescents, and we are always surrounded by friends, whether it is at school or at home. First of all, schools are the greatest producers of conformity. Schools teach kids to obey and to follow rules, rules that will be present and needed in later years of the child's life. A child is taught to conform to the same environment of schools, adapting to different curriculum each year for thirteen years. A child is taught how to act and told what rules to follow daily. Schools are the teachers of conformity, and they shape a child and adolescent to be on a daily schedule, telling them when to eat, when to read, when to write, etc. ...read more.


As little kids in elementary, if our friend said, "yuck" to boys or girls, we would also say "yuck" and that is because we don't want to become the black sheep of the herd, we also want to say "yuck". Like David Brooks, the author of "The Organization Kid" said, ... but my impression is that the big-backpack era began in the mid-1980's. Kids began carrying larger and larger backpacks to school every year; by the early 1990's I saw elementary school students lugging storage containers that were bigger than they were (367). 3 This quote is an example of how kids learn to conform from fellow students, if a couple of students carry big backpacks to school the others will want to do the same because it becomes the "cool" thing to do. From personal experience I have learned that friends have a lot to do with the way a person is or acts in school and that is because I also conformed to my friends in high school. If my friends dressed a certain way I also dressed with the same style. There are also cases in which kid, specially teenagers are willing to get into drugs because of the peer- pressure that they are receiving from friends. If an adolescent really wants to be part of a group of friends and it takes trying drugs in order to belong to the group, they will most likely do so. ...read more.


Adolescents do not care if they are not part of a "cool" group they will simply go on with their lives. Many teens do not care about being like their friends they want to be their own individual person, regardless of what others say or what they look like. Friends have no say in a friends decisions or lives, peer-pressure is sole-pressure. A person will do what is best for their persona. In conclusion, schools and friends are both, big roads to conformity. Schools teach children to conform to society and to other since a very young age, and friends, whether they mean to or not make other want to conform to their style and to their attitude. Many people might not believe that schools and friends can have such major impacts on conformity, but the reality is that they do and that we have all gone through 5 the same routine of learning how to conform to others as well as to society. We learn how to act in different situations and we learn this since a young age because it later become a custom, and schools are great teachers of this form of conformity. Friends, especially in high school are our shapers of conformity because we learn to conform to their style in order to fit in with the group. Besides various other aspects that shape conformity, school and friends are the most common and noticeable. ...read more.

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