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Does being raised without a father always have a negative impact on your life?

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Does being raised without a father always have a negative impact on your life? Aim: My study is based around the effects of fatherlessness. My aim is to investigate the above question and reach my own conclusion as to whether or not being raised without a father figure in your life always has a negative effect. Fatherlessness may be inflicted upon families for many reasons such as divorce. Throughout time, the role of the father is seen as highly important. He is a leader to his family: the breadwinner, a protector, a provider, and a bestower of love. The absence of a good father in a home has negative repercussions that affect the children most significantly, and in turn, society. I am particularly interested in this area of study as I, myself, come from a family with an absent father. I personally feel that the effects of fatherlessness are highly negative although there may be some positive elements present. ...read more.


Some of the statistics that were compiled show that children who are raised by only one biological parent are twice as likely to drop out of high school, 2-3 times more likely to have emotional or behavioural problems, and almost one and a half times more likely to be idle (out of school and work) when they are older. It is also proved that children, especially daughters, who live without a father are more likely to be sexually abused during their childhood. "Fathers are not around to provide the supervision and protection that children need to avoid sexually-molesting acquaintances and strangers. Protecting daughters from the sexual overtures of other men has long been a major role of fathers". I feel that my study into the effects of fatherlessness will produce parallel results to Popenoe - a child raised in a family without a father will be deprived of the basics and therefore have negative consequence on the child's life. ...read more.


Children of highly interactive fathers are also more curious about the world around them and develop greater problem solving skills. The article progresses by naming various other skills that are developed by children being around their fathers and also shows that children whose fathers are absent have a much slower mental and social development rate. I feel this context backs my study of fatherlessness having mostly negative effects on the child successfully and think that both contexts help me grasp a greater understanding of this particular topic. I feel that I have a gained a broader overview due to the fact that the first context looks mainly at consequences that are inflicted due to fatherlessness whereas the second focuses on what is missed out by the children involved. My first concept is 'father'. By this I mean a biological father who plays an active role in the child's life. I will define the word active by saying that the father must have some form of interaction with the child daily. The second concept is "negative effect". This could be defined by saying an 'effect or consequence' that lacks of positive qualities. Word Count: 670 ...read more.

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