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Dr Thomas John Barnardo

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Dr Barnardo Thomas John Barnardo was born on the 4th of July 1845 in Dublin Ireland. He was one of 11 children. His mother was English and his farther was German with Jewish origins. The Barnardo family had moved from Spain to Egypt to north Italy and settled in northern Germany. Thomas was a very sick child. At the age of 2 he lay critically ill, the doctor was called, as his parents knew he was dying. The doctor pronounced him dead, a second doctor was called and he to pronounced him dead. Thomas's parents then called the undertaker with the tiny coffin made, all the undertaker had to do was prepare the body for burial. Suddenly the undertaker thought he saw a tiny flutter of movement, then he saw another then another. Tom Barnardo wasn't dead. Gradually Tom was nursed back to health to become a sturdy and resilient youngster. His family said it was a miracle, and knew he was a very special person. He described his nationality in terms of the blood that ran through his veins as a bit of all sorts. ...read more.


His brothers tried to help him by spending hours kneeling and praying with him. In time the only books he read was the bible and other religious books. He began to work for Christian services, he enrolled as a teacher in one of Dublin's ragged schools. This was the first time he was such poverty for himself. He is known to have said "if I had a dog I would not let it live where I found these children". He was still a very short tempered man and was known to walk with a cane but he no longer carried one in case he lost his temper with one of the children and hit them with it. For a few years after he converted to Christianity he carried on teaching at the Ragged School, but he wanted to do more. In 1866 he was introduced to a man named Hudson Taylor, Taylor was one of the first religious missionaries in China Barnardo was very impressed with Taylor's description of all the opportunities for the gospel in China Barnardo volunteered for missionary service. At Hudson Taylor's suggestion, Barnardo went to London to train. ...read more.


Barnardo`s ran hundreds of children's homes all over the UK until the 1970s they no longer run homes or orphanages but still worth with children and still carry the Barnardo`s name. They work with 100,000s of children a year, in schools, centres and their own homes. Queen Invites Barnardo`s children to Party On the 2nd June 03 Queen Elizabeth invited 200 Barnardo`s children to a party in her back garden at Buckingham Palace, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of her coronation. The children aged between 6 and 12 years who used Barnardo`s services came from all over the UK and were with other children from other charities. The Queen invited clowns, stilt-walkers and a circus show to entertain the children then they had a picnic tea with ice cream and candy floss. Before they went home all the children were given a "goody bag" to take home with them and help them remember they day for the rest of their lives. This poem is called three tracts, it was written in 1888 by Dr Barnardo`s about all his children. "In cellar, in garret, in ally and court, They weep and they suffer and pine And the wolves of the city are prowling near Back wolves. For the children are mine. ...read more.

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