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Dreams, every one has dreams and always one dream will always leave a scar on you.

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DREAMS Dreams are funny things that take place in our minds, when we are in our deep sleep. Somebody told me that dreams occur every ninety minutes through out our sleep. If that's true and knowing that I sleep for about six to eight hours per day, it would seem as if last year I could have had around 1,980 dreams without even realizing it. Dreams normally are insignificant and have no meaning to our lives, and trying to recall a dream you had is rather very rare. This would be the case, until one night when a dream comes along and smacks you straight in your face letting you know how powerful your imagination can be. You would normally experience this at least once in your lifetime, and when it does it will leave a scar and you will never forget that dream. The difference between the black and darkness is that black is darker than darkness. Even when it is dark you still can see something. It's black and I mean really black and I am running as fast as my little two feet can take me. ...read more.


Its presence gave me the impression that its sucks life out of people, then I could feel its anger and darkness flowing through me. I knew it sucked the life and the goodness from the most evilest beings on the world. So I RAN. I felt tired but didn't stop. My mind was weakening and my thoughts were slowing down, I could see the images fading away I was glad for a moment when I realized the creature was only toying with me. I could hear the slightest whispers of advice on how to stay alive, and suddenly a large tornado appeared before me reminding of my past it was as if my life was flashing before my eyes. Suddenly the air thickens and I have difficulty breathing. I try very hard to run but it seemed as if I ran only a few inches far. My need to breath drops, I still run but I could feel that my body and my mind are both at different places. I felt a bit light on my feet as my feet was no longer in contact with the ground, for I was walking up an invisible stairs. ...read more.


I know I am lost and ass it's presence grew closer I could feel it's happiness as it was to engulf me. I felt as if one of those wild pigs who would be happy to be let loose. But knows that it is not possible, as it would know that it is going to be slaughtered. I felt like that, knowing that I am going to be destroyed but yet anxious to be free. I live now in complete fear and terror but ready to face my death in complete blackness, until occasionally my memory breaks through flashing before my eyes was my mom who was worried to know why had screamed. For a brief second I imagined myself alive. For many years I have always wondered on how my dark creature looked. For now I regret waking from the dream in certain times but then again I wondered if I did see the creature would it have had a permanent affect on me! I hope I can face up to my dark creatures one day. Dreams, every one has dreams and always one dream will always leave a scar on you. "Between the idea And the reality Between the motion And the act F alls the shadow" "In death's dream kingdom" ...read more.

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