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Drunk Driving in Colorado.

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Running Head: Drunk Driving Colorado Technical University Drunk Driving in Colorado A Cause and Effect Essay Professor Diana L. Mayo Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for English 112 English Composition II By John P Mills; 57065 Colorado Springs, Colorado November 2002 Drunk Driving in Colorado A drunken lifestyle, what does it bring to society? In the eyes of the drunken it brings laughter, fun or even a sense of relief, and whatever else entices the human body. However, in the eyes of many, drunkenness can bring misery and ultimately death when performed irresponsibly. This can happen when a person reaches his/her consumption limit of alcohol and just may be at the controls of a moving vehicle. The Colorado State Patrol investigated 2,570 DUI-caused crashes in 2001, a 5.5% increase from 2000. 8,520 citations were written for driving under the influence of drinking or drugs (Colorado State Patrol, 2002). Colorado law prohibits a person from driving a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or while the person's ability to drive is impaired by alcohol or drugs. These offenses are often abbreviated as "DUI" and "DWAI", respectively (Colorado Drunk Driving Laws, 2000). ...read more.


With statistics like those mentioned above, one may wonder if the Minimum Drinking Age should be increased. Based on the statistical and factual information regarding drunk driving in Colorado, prevention of this crime is an important factor. DUI based crimes are showing more and more that fatalities are a big part of drunk driving. The Effects of the Offending Drunk Driver Include Issuing of a DUI By a Law Enforcement Agency Statistics show that fifty-eight percent of DUI-caused crashes resulted in fatalities or injuries (Colorado Drunk Driving Laws, 2000). Colorado police report 6,968 crashes involving a driver or pedestrian with a positive blood alcohol concentration (BAC) (Impaired Driving in Colorado, 2002). However, the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA, 2002)) estimated that out of 17, 600 crashes in Colorado, 232 people were killed and 3,900 people were injured giving a fatality rate of 1.3% (Impaired Driving in Colorado, 2002). Considering that the population of Colorado is a little under 4 million, and the driving population is not even a third of that, drunk driving is a very hazardous problem in Colorado. ...read more.


DUI based crimes are showing more and more that fatalities are a big part of drunk driving. Driving under the influence in Colorado has shown to be fatal and hazardous to the citizens of Colorado. It is a mystery to many as to why drivers in Colorado drive under the influence and leads many to believe much of the population is found to have abnormal tendencies. A DUI caused crash is a result of one's careless or abnormal behavior. One may wonder about the guilt, if any, of the offender when a victim is injured or fatally wounded. The effects of the offending drunk driver include motor vehicle accidents resulting in injury or death, issuing of a DUI by a law enforcement agency, and abnormal behavioral tendencies. An offender does not deserve lenience when it involves drunk driving. Abstract Statistics show that drunk driving in Colorado is a concern worth addressing. It is estimated that 1.3% of all drivers in Colorado result in death. A drunk driver willing to drive has a high probability of having abnormal behaviors in his/her personal/business life. Much has been done to fight the war against drunk drivers, but the war is far from over. Drunk Driving 1 ...read more.

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