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During the Course of your Study, What have you Discovered about the Individual and the Family?

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During the Course of your Study, What have you Discovered about the Individual and the Family? Through a number of texts we can learn many concepts of the Individual and the family. Texts include 'Looking for Alibrandi', 'Family Portrait' and 'The Simpsons' whether they are books, songs or cartoons they all have underlying meaning regarding the individual and the family. Through the texts the composers have made us discover that change, families' influences, belonging or trying to fit in, the 'perfect' family image, and the media play a significant role in every individual and the family. An aspect discovered in the study of the individual and the family is change occurring in the family and in the individual. This is discovered when Michael Andretti is introduced to the Alibrandi family his presence changes the relationships and roles of the family. The new information about Nonna's relationship with Marcus changes Josie's view of Nonna they come to a closer relationship and understanding. In Simpsons at the end of the episode the family has changed from a chaotic, dysfunctional family to a united family because they have decided to buy a new TV. Pink's family has also been changed when 'daddy ...leaves' now that 'daddy... ...read more.


This influences Bart and Lisa to watch TV and even care more for the TV than for Homer shown during an episode where Bart and Lisa hug the TV. Homer's violence also influences the whole family to be violent represented during the harsh zapping session at the clinic. In Josie's family her environment is full of Italian culture so her family have certain expectations of her such as: marrying as a virgin, not going out with unrespectable people, dress appropriately, date people that the family knows well which is illustrated when Josie says 'She wouldn't understand why mama's letting me out with someone she hardly knows' referring to grandmother, marry a Italian described when Nonna tells Josie 'Eleanora' and 'Bob' divorced 'because he's Australian and she's Italian, of course' and attend Tomato day. The environment has a huge impact on the individual's life as well as the family's. Through the course of the study of the individual and the family one point discovered that reoccurred frequently was the individual wanting and trying to fit in or belong. In 'Looking for Alibrandi' Josie is forever 'trying to fit in somewhere' she and her mum were born in Australia so Josie wasn't 'completely one of them' referring to Italians. ...read more.


She says 'can we be a family?' the question isn't a proper question because there are whole varieties of meanings for the word 'family' these days. Whatever happens she will have a family although it won't be the 'perfect family' or the 'traditional family' she sees on TV. Pink doesn't know this though because young children tend to believe in the TV and thinks if her family breaks up then she won't be part of a family. In 'The Simpsons' Media simply rules their lives because they watch TV so often. The media have changed the traditional way of having dinners with the family to having dinner in front of the TV. The 'best Ad.' Homer could find was from the TV so this shows how much Homer depends on the TV because the only resource he used was the TV. The media have influenced our lives by means that are not notice because they have become habitual to us. In Conclusion there have been many concepts and ideas learnt from the study of the individual and the family. Many of those will come to be of important use when harder and more complex topics occur in the later years to come. Susanna Lau Essay 1 ...read more.

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