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English Oral Speech Against Child Labour

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Child labour-English Speech Who really makes your clothes? Of course we all love a good shop-most of your pocket money probably goes on the latest high street labels. But although that top you bought last weekend might look good hanging on your wardrobe, would you be so chuffed if you knew who made it? Maybe you have to empty the dishwasher, tidy the house or wash your folks car for your pocket money. But imagine having to work for 12 hours a day-without any kind of a break- in a dusty, dirty factory for only a few pence. ...read more.


In Britain it's what's expected, and until you're 16 it's the law. But in poorer countries; starting work as young as 5 years old has become normal too. Young people end up working in factories for as little as 40p a day. The reason why these children are employed is brutal but true. They're cheap and easy to manipulate. They take any kind of work they can find because there desperate. Many organisations believe it's the responsibility of the major shopping chains and designer clothes manufacturers to ensure that no-one is exploited just to put clothes on their shelves. ...read more.


One in three African children work full or part time. It is thought about 80% of children's work is unpaid. Most children work because of poverty. Deprived of much needed income most of the children are forced to take on harmful, less well paid work, including prostitution, household servants, rug makers and street traders. No parent wants to see there child work. It's hazardous, exploitive and toxic on the other hand though if they did not work they would die of starvation or illness, they bring in lots of family income, it may improve opportunities for education and health and it earns the money to keep themselves in school. ...read more.

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