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Essay on Co-education

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Introduction: Today i am going to express my opinion to you about co education. What is co education? It is, both male and female students studying in the same class. ...read more.


There are co education and separate schools in karachi. Body: What are the positivities of coeducation? Advantages: We have more students in a class We do not have to make a new school for only boys or girls. ...read more.


Lack of confidence. No motivation to go to school. Less students. More teachers needed. Lack of confidence in students. Students face problems in facing boys/girls at office or university. Conclusion: I personally believe that coeducation should be used everywhere because it is very important and it has helped me very much in improving my confidence and self esteem. ...read more.

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Here's what a teacher thought of this essay


The writer has briefly covered the advantages and disadvantages of co-education and single sex education. However, there is very little detail and no citing of evidence to back up their claims. There is quite a lot of research into this subject and in order to improve upon this score the writer needs to read around the subject more. Key points have been missed out and inaccurate statements have been included.

Score 2*

Marked by teacher Linda Penn 05/09/2013

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