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Evacuation Coursework Part 1

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Question 1 Study sources B and C Which source is more useful as historical evidence about the start of the children's journey? Explain your answer using sources B and C and knowledge from your own studies. The evacuation process was a massive event and in the first three months 1.5 million people were evacuated and this was thought to have been one of as the biggest movement of people in history. I will investigate two sources: one being a photograph and the other an extract taken from an interview and decide which I think is more useful as personal evidence about the children's evacuation journey. Source B shows a photograph which was taken at the beginning of the evacuation process in London in September 1939. As the photograph was taken at the time when children were being evacuated, it proves useful first hand evidential information from the actual time of the event. ...read more.


We also do not know who took the photograph. It is thought that photographs such as this one, may have been used as government propaganda, to reassure parents that evacuation was a 'nice' process and that the government had everything in control. Another question we ask ourselves about its usefulness what was it like in other cities such as Manchester and Liverpool. This was just one place out of many, and each child would have different emotions, memories and recollections about the whole process of evacuation. Source C is another useful piece of information, as it is an extract from an interview with a teacher, who went with the evacuees. This person would have been able to gain first hand information and be able to see how these children were really feeling. The teacher talks about how when they got to the station "the train was ready" From my studies, I know that this was the main means of transport for evacuation, therefore what she said was no doubt very reliable. ...read more.


The teacher also said "all you could hear was the feet of children and a kind of murmur, because the children were too afraid to talk" again from my studies, I know that this was not always the case. Many children were excited about the adventure that lay upon them; this suggests to me that not everything the teacher said was truly reliable. Another point that needs to be accounted for is that this is only one persons view, and that other evidence would be needed to give a 'fuller' picture. Overall these two sources are useful in their own ways and they do show us a small insight to what the start of the evacuation process was like. It is hard to say which is the better source as each of them seems to leave us with unanswered questions. If these pieces of information were put with other sources, they may give us a clearer answer to our questions. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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