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Evacuation - source related questions.

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History evacuation course work Queston1 The two sources are different, source B is a picture taken during the war in1939 the year in which the war had started in September. It seems to have been used as a government propaganda source. The photo is to encourage people to evacuate their children, also to get people to look at the people in the picture see the faces in the picture and look at their spirit and get them to follow the example. I have made this conclusion because the picture looks as if it has been taken from high up and at an angle looking down, also all the people are waving and they all look happy and the formation they're walking in is pretty organized. The government wanted this because they wanted people two evacuate. Source C is a teacher being interviewed in 1988 remembering what happened the teacher tells us about the start of the journey at the train station about the mothers trying to shout to there children good bye because they wont see them for a long time. ...read more.


I think this source is not very reliable at all it is a story it is a story it is made to entertain little children problems would be that the facts may be different and could that the author doesn't have a clue. Question 3 The term great success could be translated in many different ways and to who the question was answered by, for instance the government would think that it was a success because they evacuated a lot of children out of the city centre so it saved a lot of lives but if you asked someone like the mother in source e she would of said it wasn't because her house was urinated all over by evacuees. Source b is a positive view it is a picture taken in September 1939 the time the war started it is probably was used for propaganda therefore the source would not be very reliable. Source d is a positive view to evacuation it is a picture issued by the government so it is most probably propaganda it was to show people how happy the children were it is difficult to make children look happy if there not so it is pretty reliable. ...read more.


Some of the sources are not very good for instance the picture sources (B, D and G) were all photos taken by the government which make them propaganda and these pictures were all positive which makes only one other positive views which was a novel written for children which is not a very reliable source. Most of the negative views are interviews which most of them are in 1988 this is 50 years after it happened this means that all these sources could have been made for an archive or something the problem with having a interview after 50 years are that some facts can easily be forgot or the interviewee could only remember the bad points or the interviewer could be asking questions about the bad points this makes these sources in all not that reliable. In my opinion evacuation was a success because it saved a lot of lives it would be the same view of the government however there would be people who thought that it wasn't a success because children were abused by farmers and stuff and that the homes were very posh that they moved too ...read more.

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