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"Evacuation was a Great Success." Do you agree or disagree with this interpretation?

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"Evacuation was a Great Success." Do you agree or disagree with this interpretation? From the sources, you cannot tell if evacuation was a great success as there are many pros and cons. Firstly, some say that evacuation wasn't well organised, so when children arrived at their destination to be looked after, it was usually the cleaner and smarter children who where chosen first. This could have had an effect on the emotions of the children and they might of informed their parents, by knowing that they were unwanted. From Source A, we can see that children were excited about going to live in a new area for several months, as they might of thought they were going on holiday. ...read more.


Next, Source C shows an extract from a children's novel. From this Source, we can see that if children were poor, unlike Carrie and Nick, the foster parents would think that their shoes would have been dirty so they would have to "keep to the middle of the stair carpet." However, these children might have felt it was a joke, as they weren't poor. This just goes to show how unorganised the evacuation progress was. This Source may not be as reliable as the previous two Sources, as it may be biased and is from a fictional, 1973 novel. The next Source is a wartime propaganda poster aimed at Scottish people, persuading them to foster evacuee children. ...read more.


This shows how hard it was for parents to let go of their children during the evacuation progress, as they didn't know what would happen to them. In conclusion, I would say that evacuation was a great success. Children were taken from busy or poor living standards and put into safer, quieter countryside locations. Most children that were evacuated had better living conditions where they where staying, for example, they had plenty of food all of the time, most of them had their own room and accessories (such as their own toothbrushes, soap and flannel), and they were happy by living in such good standards. Also, evacuation was a success because it gave British workers more time to worry about the war, instead of the lives of their children. Bradley Reynolds 11P1 08/05/2007 ...read more.

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