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"Evacuation was a great success" Do you agree or disagree with this interpretation?

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"Evacuation was a great success" Do you agree or disagree with this interpretation? Evacuation was a success on the government's part. This is because they were able to move a vast amount of children out of areas that were under threat of bombing to host families. But on the other hand not all children liked the host families this was an unsuccessful experience. The source material will help me to produce an answer and a conclusion. Source A is a photograph taken in September 1939 of evacuees walking to a station in London to be evacuated. In this photograph there a small group of children being escorted by their teachers to the station. In this photograph the evacuees look happy that they are leaving the areas that are under threat of bombing. This was obviously a success for the government. London was one of the main areas expected to be bombed in the war that is why over a million children evacuated in the first few weeks of the war. ...read more.


However they were able to evacuate and save lives of many. Although it was upsetting for the mothers but it was the best for the children and the mother because they would know they were safe. Overall this source was not a great success. Source C is also an extract but this from the novel "Carries War", written in 1973 by Nina Bowden. This source tells us that it was success for the evacuees. In this source it tells you about brother and sister that have been evacuated to a house in the countryside. The host Miss Evans is has told the children (Carrie and Nick) they had best put the slippers so they do not hurt the feet walking the stirs. But Carrie tells Miss Evans we havent any. But carrie was ment to explain that she dint have enough space in the casses to pack slippers. immediately Miss Evans apoligise and said why would you have slippers. This source shows that many hosts had a stereotype about many children and would not give them a chance to explain because they felt to embaressed to ask. ...read more.


This source was done in 1940 when the war was on. This would engcourage people to keep their children a home and not evacuate them.Its an huge failure for the government. Sorce F is a evidence frrom films and other evidence. One is the film hope and glory this was a film made about a family who was ment to evauate their children but end up not evauateing the children. They find out it was fine that they never got evauated. This was showing that the children did not nee to be evauated in some towns or citys to be safe. To conclude my essay evauation was a great success for the government and the parents and the children. It was a government success because they were able to move such a vast amount of children in a small peroid of time. It was a success for the children and their parents because they were able to move to the countryside and safe their childrens life. Craig McVeigh ...read more.

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