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Evaluate an example of a snapshot study . Dematte, Osterbauer and Spencer (2007)

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Transfer-Encoding: chunked ´╗┐Evaluate a study in terms of it being a snapshot study. Dematte, Osterbauer and Spencer (2007) Dematte, Osterbauer and Spencer conducted a laboratory experiment on sixteen female participants to investigate whether the perceived attractiveness of faces is affected by olfactory cues. Specifically, the study investigated whether a pleasant or an unpleasant smell would affect judgements of facial attractiveness. In this respect, the study was conducted at one point of time; for instance participants were seated in front of a computer screen and were told to rate the picture appears on the screen after olfactory cue is sprayed. ...read more.


The results obtained are time-efficient as they have been gathered at one point of the study under several controls, such as the amount of olfactory cue that would be used by the Olfactometer for each independent variable, the amount of time the participants are given to make their judgments etc. Hence, a conclusion can be made on how these results are effective in real-life situations because the smell of a person would judge their facial attractiveness, such as pleasant smell would make them attractive for others whereas unpleasant smell like body odour or rubber would show unattractive appearance. ...read more.


Also, snapshot study limits generalizability as the sample used in this study is small. This is because a small sample wouldn?t be representative as it doesn?t cover majority of the population. It only covers a small geographical area, ethnicity or age. In conclusion, snapshot study is effective in gathering results of a specific point in a study; however the results are not part of an observed human behaviour for the same point. Therefore, the study lacks in observing long-term effects of a situations or behaviour and relies on limited information from provided by the researcher. ...read more.

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