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Evaluate Why People Conform To Majority Influence With Reference To Real Examples and Research.

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Evaluate Why People Conform To Majority Influence With Reference To Real Examples and Research "Conformity is a change in belief or behaviour in response to real or imagined group pressure where there is no direct request to comply with the rest of the group norm" Zimbardo and Leippe (1991). Most of the time, people conform to fit in with the rest of the group. This involves changing their behaviour or opinion. Majority influence can play a huge part on the reason why people conform. People are more easily influenced if the majority of the group decide the same thing, rather than if just one person has an independent view. Therefore the larger the group with the same decision, the easier it is for them to influence a person, as there will be more pressure to comply. ...read more.


The results showed that the individuals conformed to the group norm, even if the answers were wrong. The na�ve participant explained their reasons for conforming to be because they didn't want to spoil the experiment, look stupid, their eyes must have been deceiving them, and because they felt that the group was probably right. This experiment also told us that the influence from three or more stooges gave more of a reason to conform than if there was one stooge. The conclusions for this study were that the people conformed for public compliance rather than public acceptance. Also it seemed like people with low self esteem were more likely to conform. The main criticisms for this experiment was that it was artificial, time-consuming, time-dependant and unethical. ...read more.


Also the decision they make after conforming will fit in with their role in a certain society. The other theory is normative influence. This is during an unambiguous task, where the participants may be worried about the responses of others and to gain rewards, such as being accepted by others. The people comply as long as they are in a complying situation. Normative influence can also be given as a theory for why people conform as part of their role in their society. As a conclusion, it is fair to say that people conform for many reasons, all that have one main aim and that is to fit in with the group. Mainly, people want to be accepted in their society and because they have the need for certainty. People feel that if they conform, they won't look stupid or get embarrassed. Also, they may conform because that I how, as they feel, they are expected to behave. Mahvish Mamsa ...read more.

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