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Explain Issues Associated With The Classification And/Or Diagnosis Of Depression.

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´╗┐EXPLAIN ISSUES ASSOCIATED WITH THE CLASSIFICATION AND/OR DIAGNOSIS OF DEPRESSION (10 MARKS) There are many issues with the classification and diagnosis of depression. One issue is the fact that there are some people who strongly believe that depression should not be medicalised. They argue that all humans have mood levels, so it is very natural for someone?s mood to go up and down- people can recover without medical treatment. However, there are also others who argue mood can show extreme manifestations and can serious illnesses which could then potentially lead to death, so they argue that depression should be medicalised- it should be treated in the same way you would treat other physical changes such as sugar levels and high temperature. ...read more.


The depressive symptoms in children are irritability rather than low mood. Irritability can also be a depressive symptom in adolescents; however, they may still be under diagnosed as their behaviour that they show may be reduced down to pubity. Another issue is the fact that depression often occurs alongside other illness such as schizophrenia and eating disorder. The clinician often has to treat the primary disorder in order to prevent other disorders that may be caused by the primary disorder, however, it may be difficult to determine whether depression is the primary disorder or not if there are also other disorders taking place. Another issue is the fact that patients usually go to their GPs if they have depressive symptoms. ...read more.


In non western culture, depressive symptoms seems to be bodily, whilst in western cultures, it seems to be psychological symptoms. It might look like there is less depression in non western cultures when it is not the case. In addition to this, it is thought that women are more likely to become depressed than men. This may be an issue because it may not always be true. In reality, there may be an equal chance of men and women to suffer from depression, but men may be less likely to admit to depressive symptoms because they may feel that it is not socially acceptable for them to suffer from depression. However, having said that, it may be true- it may be true that women are more likely than men to suffer from depression because it may be due to women having more hormonal changes than men. ...read more.

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