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Explain why Britain should work to integrate the various groups within communities?

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Explain why Britain should work to integrate the various groups within communities? Many people think that Britain is an integrated society and many do not. Is a fully integrated society impossible? Many people think Britain should be more integrated, especially in schools. Statistics state that in a borough with 30% to 40% minority, there could be some schools with 95% of minority people and others with just 2%. People are worrying that Britain could be split up into racial divisions like New Orleans in America. The Government could set up more schools that would separate children on the basis of religion and race, but this can be seen as wrong in some people's eyes. Britain has tried to integrate people of different race and religions. They have tried to finance integrated sport activities. This was done to help people of different races to get to know each other. Some council in states such as Lambeth have tried to produce literature in 10 different languages which can attract people of different ethnic groups to study there. ...read more.


8/10 people in Bradford are white, therefore 2/10 are coloured. The issue is that the people living in Bradford are not equally divided between the races and in one area of Bradford could be full of Asians but a few miles away in Holme Wood 9/10 people are white. They plan to integrate the races in Bradford through houses, sport and education. Many people think that Britain should not be a society which is very integrated. Some people feel more socially safe living with their own race. They want to be with people who speak the same language as them and are interested in the same activities. Sometimes people want to live more close to their family and also they want to be closer to areas with the foods they like to eat. Some people living in Bradford want to live in a more mixed area but feel as if it will cause problems on both sides. ...read more.


People are attracted to these schools because they give children knowledge of other races and religion. Different races mix and socialise, therefore the children are more confident in socialising with other races. Also the children are more prepared to face the real world. The disadvantages are there are often various groups formed based on race in school, and therefore this can lead to racial hatred and bullying. In my opinion Britain should not work so hard to integrate ethnic communities, but should work on decreasing the number of ethnic minorities. Having predominately white and predominately coloured communities is seen in every country, however as long as the government invests in keeping communities diverse and keeps Britain segregated to a certain extent, Britain is going in the right direction. So, an answer to my question in the first paragraph "Is a fully integrated society impossible?" I would have to say yes, because even if almost everyone thought Britain should be more integrated there are always going to be a minority who do not. By Inderraj Alg 10C ...read more.

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