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Factors affecting canadian families

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FACTORS AFFECTING CANADIAN FAMILIES The world is changing as well as people and everything in it. There are a many things going on around us as people. These issues can be physical or psychological factors like AIDS, DIVORCE, HOMOSEXUALS, TEEN PREGNANCY etc. Basically, we will focus on how each of these factors affects our families and we as Canadian. To begin with is ACQUIRED IMMUNE DEFICIENCY SYNDROME (AIDS) AND HUMAN IMMUNE VIRUS (HIV) which according to facts, is not widely spread through the country but because of it's nature of spreading and how dangerous it can get, certain precautions are being taken to prevent of avoid this deadly disease. Such as AIDS walk to raise funds for research and also to help others especially people in some part of Africa where by the diseases is widely spread and killing millions of people. Also to educate people on safer sex methods like using condoms. Second factor is TEEN PREGNANCY, which is one of the factors that affect Canadians. The teenage pregnancy rate is the number of pregnancies per 1,000 women aged 15 to 19. ...read more.


Studies show that children raised by gay couples turn out as well as children of the heterosexual parents. CHILD CUSTODY is the fourth factor that affects Canadian family. It is when children are allowed to be with either their mother or father after divorce by the court. There are many controversy deciding which parents the children has to be with, which happens a lot of times the court normally awards sole custody to mothers just because is a stereotyped that women are more capable of taking care of their kids than a man Another issue is joint custody which some says it tends to have more social behavioral problems than children in sole custody of a mother or father. Most children in joint custody constantly move between parent's homes, they often grow up with a sense of instability and rootlessness while others says parents who shared joint custody reliably meet their parental and financial obligations to their children. Therefore, it should be promoted. Fifth are SINGLE PARENTS, which involves physical and financial responsibilities to raise a child. Normally, children from single parent's homes are more likely to drop out of school than from intact families. ...read more.


The egg donor is compensated for her donation per the retrieval, not by the egg. The normal compensation is between $2000 - $2500. Last but not least is DECREASING OF BIRTH RATE. Canada is the second largest country and one of the wealthiest nations in the world but has less population. The main factor will be the role of women in our society now. All these women are busy doing whatever their work may be as men and this give them less time to think of having babies. The role of women has really changed as compare to about years ago. As we know women play important role in deciding how many children they should have in a family especially in western part of the world, it makes it difficult to have more than two children because these women are doing same work as their husband and they really have no time to waste than to concentrate on their professions. Every Canadian family has encounter with one or two of these factors affecting their family. So it is up to us to come up with our ideas or anything we know about all these factors and have a better way to solve or come into compromise for the benefits of the people and Canada as a whole. ...read more.

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