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Fashion review

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FASHION Fashion is very important in our everyday lives. In the modern day we would like to think we can tell a lot about a person by the way that they are dressed. But sometimes this is not always the case. A person can be completely different on the inside to what they look like on the outside. You might not notice it but people walking down the street look at you and judge you straight away. I think that this is not right and very unfair on certain people. ...read more.


Many families now a days who have teenage children are finding it increasingly hard to cope with the demands which the children make. many families have to take out huge loans to meet these demands. This sometimes leads to debts which which they can't afford to repay. My opinion is that if the children knew the stress it was putting on there families they would not demand as much. People are on longer paying for a good piece of clothing. Now they are paying for the name. ...read more.


Although the reasons are very important I think that the most important reason is the advertising that the big clothes companies do. Also they pay celebrities like popstars and footballers a lot of money for wearing their clothes. They do this because teenagers more likely than not idolise these sort of people. And that is why I think this is a mojor infulence on the way that they dress. One of the major disavantages of fashion is thatb when families do not have the money to buy the designer labels for their children. the children can be called names when they go outside the house. I think that it is wrong and that everyone should be treated the same way. ...read more.

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