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Fighting Fathers Breed A Better Adjusted Child

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"Fighting fathers breed a better adjusted child" The first assumption is that children learn correct ways to behave from interaction with parents, "rough-house play with dads helps a child to learn self control". Albert Bandura was a pioneer in the social learning theory that explains that children learn from observing the people around them and he claims that most human behaviour is learned observationally. Bandura, Ross and Ross (1961) conducted an experiment investigating whether children would imitate aggressive behaviour if they witnessed of adults exhibiting this type of behaviour. They exposed children to role models, which exhibited aggressive and non-aggressive behaviour. In the aggressive condition, the role model was aggressive towards a blow-up doll, known as a 'bobo doll'. In the non-aggressive condition, the role model sat quietly in the corner, assembling toys. The results showed that children exposed to the aggressive role model exhibited more aggressive behaviour towards the bobo doll, than the children exposed to the non-aggressive role model. This experiment indicates that children imitate behaviour exhibited by others, and hence suggests that behaviour, such as "self control", can be learned through imitation. ...read more.


All three groups showed more subsequent aggression than a control group that was not frustrated. Indicating that frustration can lead to aggression. Berkowitz goes on to suggest that the reason behind frustration leading to aggression is that sub-consciously, we feel that acting aggressively will eliminate frustration. Therefore children who are frustrated when they are aggressively restricted may well take out their frustration on others and become bullies. So children that are "mollycoddled" at home and "discouraged from rough behaviour" are statistically more likely to develop into bullies is explained through frustration from being restricted on natural, rough play, leading to aggression, which can subsequently develop bullies. One way frustration levels in children could be reduced would be to slacken the particularly strict health and safety rules in primary schools. Boisterous play is a natural way for children to play. It would be wise for schools to permit this type of rough play, however in controlled conditions in an environment where the children would feel safe, with a supervisor, for example. ...read more.


However, he is fearful of the father as the father is much bigger than him and eventually comes to fear that the father will castrate him. To resolve this dilemma, according to Freud, the boy represses this desire for his mother and identifies with his father. He comes to feel, think and act as if he were his father. This way at least he retains his male organ and can have the mother vicariously, since becoming like his father, he can indirectly have what his father has. Therefore the "something special" between father and son is created by a repressed longing for the mother on the boy's part, according to Freud. It would be useful for parents to understand the issues that arise during child development, such as a boy's anxiety in the phallic stage of the Oedipus complex where he loves his mother but tries to avoid castration by adopting behavioural similarities with his father. If parents understand these issues, they can try to resolve them. One way to resolve an issue such as the one given previously would be for both parents to spend 'quality' one on one time with the child. ...read more.

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