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Good Will Hunting

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Good Will Hunting The movie 'Good Will Hunting' revolves around the interaction of two rebellious characters, who, to a certain extent, help each other to conform slightly. The rebels depicted in the movie are the two main characters, Will and Sean. Will is a mathematical genius with a complete disrespect for authority and for his own considerable talents. He does not worry about gaining credit for his talent or making any money from it, but instead hangs around his friends and has a good time. Sean is a therapist / psychiatrist whose wife has died from cancer several years previously, and Sean has never really recovered from this. He also chose a less 'academic' path for his considerable talent, and has been wrestling with this decision all his life. Will rebels partly because he has been subjected to a violent and abusive childhood. He has been put through several foster families and been assaulted many times by his numerous foster parents. ...read more.


This fear of commitment is partly the reason why it takes Will so long to open up to Sean in therapy, as he is scared of rejection, which has been instilled in him as a child through the abuse he suffered from his parents. Sean rebels against conformity by persisting to council Will after Will's initial opposition to him, whereas the other therapists have dropped out at the first sign of trouble. He sees the genius in Will, and believes that it is worth fighting for. In continuing to council Will, Sean is also rebelling against Jerry, as he is proving to him that he can beat Will, something that Jerry cannot do. The conformists that Will is rebelling against are people like Jerry, who are constantly trying to get him to achieve the most he can in life, to conform, even if he does not wish to and prefers the way things are now. ...read more.


This action parallels Sean missing the major baseball game the day he went on his first date with his future wife. He has taken note of Sean's advice about not letting the important things in life pass you by. The result of Sean's rebellion is that he helps Will to get over his fears and to come to terms with his life. Sean takes over the position of Will's father, helping him through the problems he has and becoming his friend. As a result of spending time with Will, Sean is also seen to conform slightly, accepting the offer of a collage reunion which he has been refusing previously and also moving from his current job to a reputable university. Will and Sean are alike in their rebellious tendencies, and its because of this that they can relate to one another's positions in life and assist each other through the tough times. It was only once Will realised that Sean was not so different from himself that he allowed memories and feeling from his past back up to the surface, and accept the help that Sean offered. Andrew White 11 Eng Adv 1 ...read more.

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