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Health needs and the change over time

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Health needs and the change over time In this report, I will be explaining the different health needs of babies, children, adolescents, adults, and older adults. I will also explain the changes that occur in these health needs, as we get older. Babies Newborn babies up to 3-year-old children need supervision and attention at all times. Babies also rely on parents, brothers and sisters to be there with them. Babies need food, water, protection, shelter, clothing, and warmth. Without these needs the baby/child will start to get ill and will feel unwanted. Babies/children don't have any worries or responsibilities, but their parents/carer will need to look after them and make sure that they are healthy and do not have any illness. They need vaccination to protect them from diseases; they also need to live in a good environment to keep healthy and to keep them from getting ill. ...read more.


They would also ask for their peers help instead of going to their parents and family. They start to drift away from their family and become independent. They also start to become interested in what they eat and start to look after their appearance. Their diets will may change as more adolescents decide what to eat themselves. Adolescents would also be developing hormones and going through puberty, because of this change, adolescents would be taking regular showers to remain hygienic. They would also become moodier. Adults When starting your adult life, things may become difficult and very different. E.g. Adolescents would rely on their peers and family for support, but when starting your own family, your family will start to depend on you. You would also need a good job with a good pay so you would be able to feed your children and live in a good environment. ...read more.


This will give you a lot more free time to do what you want to do. This might involve activities and spending time with people who are your age. You will also start to rely on others because you would not be able to walk and move things around like you used to, also, you would have to make sure that you are financially secure. You would need to be living in a safe environment. Your exercise routine may change because you would not be able to exercise like you used to. Additionally, you will come across some more illnesses, and you will become weaker and your hearing and eyesight will also get weaker. As you can see, your health needs change as you get older. The needs of an baby and an older adult are similar but adolescents and adults are independent and have different needs. Kaleema Amjad 10.A2 ...read more.

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