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How do the two White children survive in 'Walkabout'?

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There are many reasons as to how the two white children (Peter and Mary) survived in 'Walkabout'. Some of these reasons were due to elements of luck, others were by making the right critical decisions, whilst having physical and mental strength and determination and how they adopted to their alienated environment. To summarise briefly Peter and Mary were two white children who were heading from Charleston to Adelaide when unexpectedly the plane they were travelling in crashed. Due to their inexperience as children, they left the site of the plane and walked onwards towards the plains of the forest. To set the scene James Vance Marshall, the author of 'Walkabout', already is starting to give a description of the characters, and is already aiming to develop the characters in terms of their survival. ...read more.


The Bush Boy kept Peter and Mary alive by various methods of catching food ('yeemara') and water ('arkaloola') that only an aboriginal would know how. These methods included that you scooped the water from the bottom of the pool when you drank, so the water tasted cold; or used a tube like instrument to drink clear water from the bottom of a murky pool, how to make a fire with 'yacca-yacca' and leaf, how to eat food like 'worworas', bustards, yams, and how to catch 'yarrawa' in a pool by throwing a rock in it, which stuns the fish. Mary and especially the keenness Peter both learnt survival techniques from the Bush Boy, and without him they would have almost certainly not survived. ...read more.


Peter happened to luckily have a bar of barley sugar. Mary, being the dominant of the two, made sure that they ate the barley stick in rations "Don't bite, suck." Also, when searching for food they luckily came across some fruit that happened to be lying on a tree. When having no food for practically two days this was a vital factor of Peter and Mary's survival. It was this time when Mary and Peter met the naked Aboriginal. There were a number of important factors that contributed towards Peter and Mary's survival-some were subtle - others were not so subtle, and some were even deceiving. So to summarise Peter and Mary's survival in 'Walkabout' was due to having luck, making the right decisions under pressure, and also gaining physical strength and determination whilst becoming immune to the Aboriginal desert. ...read more.

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