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How Does English Law Give Effect to the Right to Marry and Found a Family as Guaranteed by Article 12 of the European Convention on Human Rights?

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Evaluate Why People Conform To Minority Influence With Reference To Research And Examples. Majority influence is when a large group is able to influence a small group or individual and is usually by normative influence. Minority influence, on the other hand, is when a small group or individual is able to influence a large group and is usually by informational influence. Even though minority influence seems difficult to picture, it actually happens more often than we think in everyday basis. In real life, there are many people who have minority influence. People such as teachers, doctors, journalists and president or prime minister figures have certain influences over people. This may be because they have good communication skills, are controlling, and have determination. Their personality also affects this. They may be caring and confident enough for people to have a trust built on them. Their behaviour would also play a role and support who they are, in order to be an influential person. ...read more.


This concluded that it was possible to get a larger group to conform to the minority and that consistency played an important role in achieving that. The criticisms for this research were that a biased sample was used (all women) and that the task was not real to life and lacked ecological validity. Using all women would not have given a fair result as this can not make a fair conclusion in how people think. Nemeth et al (1974) repeated this investigation, except this investigation had three different experiments. When the blue slides were shown, the stooges answered 1) green or blue randomly, 2) green to lighter slides and green-blue to darker slides and 3) green to all of the slides. The results were that with the first and third experiment, the stooges had no effect, and with the second experiment, there was 21% conformity. This concluded that consistency was not enough for the minority of the group to be successful. ...read more.


The strength of a message would affect the chance of minority influence. For example, if a politician delivered a message every night would give a more consistency. Status and knowledge also plays a part in getting an impact. Immediacy is also an important factor. The closer you are to a person, in any way, the more effective their message would be. For example hearing a message given face to face would be more effective than listening to the radio (physical closeness), and hearing the message from a close friend would have a stronger effect than hearing it from an acquaintance (psychological closeness). The greater the strength, status and immediacy, the greater the social influence. This theory offers explanations of both majority and minority influence, using the same social impact. In conclusion, we can see that not all influences are from majorities. Moscovici and others have shown that even minorities can be influential when they act consistently. The real life examples show that minority influences does not just happen in laboratory experiments, but does in every day life. Mahvish Mamsa ...read more.

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