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How does the Simpsons Contravene the Guidlines for Children's Television?

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How does The Simpsons contravene the guidelines for children's television? Violence, alcoholism, sex, oh, and yellow people! Yes, I'm talking about the cartoon comedy The Simpsons. Now entering its 19 year on television the cartoon is enjoyed by all ages, indeed all ages! The controversial show arises many questions not only about some of the divisive jokes, cult horror and bad language used but the question that divides a lot of frequent and infrequent viewers of the show; is The Simpsons suitable to be show during children's TV time? The never aging family consists of the unconventional father, Homer, perfect housewife/mother, Marge, insurgent son, Bart, intellectual daughter, Lisa, and baby Maggie. Both father and son portray ever growing problems within society; in many episodes Homer finds himself strangling Bart as a punishment yet, child abuse is a massive problem and with out realising I find myself laughing. ...read more.


The young children who watch The Simpsons go to bed with the thought in their mind that their Dad could go cerebral. When we think it's all over and are trying to leave the imaginary, stereotypical, demoralizing world of the yellow Americans we are quickly bashed back in with another degrading and inhumane part of the show...Itchy and Scratchy. The show within a show has its own theme tune and being based on violence it also has its own share of blood and gore. Although, cartoon blood is not terrible it is still not very enjoyable for young children. Without loosing myself into disbelieving what I'm actually seeing possible within family life The Simpsons are always in church on a Sunday with out fail. Marge has all the family ready, although, not all as are outgoing as she is. ...read more.


I would say that children being taught attitude through their snacks is not the best way to go on widening their vocabulary and enabling them to learn from such ridiculous catchphrases. Throughout the whole of The Simpsons cartoon there is a strong need for the most pathetic and saddening things to become funny. I see this to become a cartoon version of something I would catch on ABC after nine o clock; however, this would be acceptable considering mature adults can understand the erotic humour that may occur from such programmes. I find the question all too often spring to mind; it's okay for your children to watch The Simpsons but would you want them to watch a late night comedy like South Park? I no I wouldn't, yet it is on the same level as The Simpsons and what is to say that in the near future we could see South Park on before dark? ...read more.

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