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Human rights of children.

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Children, does this word evoke your beautiful memories of the past? Wait a second, do you remember the time when your mom told you to shut up, do you remember the phrase, 'this is not of your business, go and play your Nintendo?'. How did it feel when a dead-knot was died around your mouth when you couldn't express yourself? Desperate, segregated or discriminated? Children deserve to have their voices heard on issues that affect them. This is a basic right that all people share: the right to express views and to have those views taken seriously and respected. All too often, though, children are denied this right. All too often, no one listens to children. We have been the victims of this system, how can we allow this to happen once and once again? ...read more.


Discrimination takes many forms. In some cases, it is intolerance and hatred, even violence. In other cases, it is more subtle. When a girl is made to feel inferior in school, or when she is kept out of school to take care of the house only because she is a girl, that is discrimination. When no effort is made to allow disabled children equal access to opportunity, this too is discrimination. Not to mention the children that have been slaughtered for religious beliefs in Africa or the children that has been sold as sex slaves. All of this is discrimination. And it must end. We have been children, we have been discriminated already, why do we have to let history repeat itself? ...read more.


Making a sustainable improvement in the lives of children requires the recognition of children as individuals with their own needs, rights and aspirations within their communities. Politicians are outsiders to children's world. Politicians are more interested in winning votes than in arousing public awareness of children. Nothing is better than children speaking out their minds themselves. Their questions are direct, their stories are often moving and their problems are always worth examining. Today, the idea that the human rights of children is no less important than the rights of adults. Let the children grow please. We are all human beings of the world, the rights of children should not be jeopardized and underprivileged, their voices need to be heard; their suggestions need to be adopted. I know that you are listening to me, but please, too, listen the voice of children, they need us. ...read more.

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