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Humanistic Approach to Media

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The nature of the humanistic approach means that the observer must look beyond what he is seeing and go into the subject's background and delve into motives. For example, Steve-O on the surface seems to the lay person like he is attention-seeking; however there is more to him. He considers himself an entertainer and even went to clown college - he considers what he does an art. In Maslow's hierarchy of needs, by doing what he does, he is achieving (the stage of 'esteem needs'). This is most obviously seen by the fact that he went to college but also something which he briefly says after the crocodile-challenge. ...read more.


However, once he satisfies this level, he moves up in the esteem needs where he moves forward with achievement in his mind - this explains him going to university and pursuing a real-estate career. In a similar way, Bam has also developed. He starts off at the 'belongingness and love needs' of the hierarchy - but he seeks attention not from anyone, like Raab, but from Raab. He drops out when he gets expelled because he wants to be accepted and avoid alienation from Raab. In fact, he actually says that the only reason that he went to high school was because of Raab. However, he does seem to develop through the fact that he goes back to get his GED becomes a professional skater and sets up his own production company. ...read more.


The fact that he is at this stage may also be reinforced by the fact that he bought a caravan from his idol - Johnny Cash - he needs recognition. Chris Pontius is the 'esteem needs' in the hierarchy, this can be seen through the fact that he seeks recognition from others. While he is dancing in the Japanese shop, he continually follows and stops the sales assistant - this is clearly a need for recognition. This is not the only evidence for him being in this stage, he publishes a book with all his writings - this is clearly the 'achievement' and 'recognition' part of esteem needs stage. This applies to Ryan Dunn as well. When Ryan fights the female wrestler, he does so because, even though he knows he will lose, he needs to respect and recognition that he will accept that challenge. ...read more.

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