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I Am Concerned About Becoming An Effective Classroom Teacher I believe that with being a teacher comes great responsibility

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I Am Concerned About Becoming An Effective Classroom Teacher I believe that with being a teacher comes great responsibility. A teacher will leave a lasting impression on their pupils, they should be free from any prejudice and treat children as individuals by respecting their backgrounds, religion, disability and race. I am extremely concerned about becoming an effective teacher and many factors contribute to this. This essay will highlight my areas of concern and how my initial thoughts have developed during my placement. My areas of concern include planning and executing enjoyable lessons. They also include the strategies I observed the teacher using to mange behaviour in the classroom which is essential for the smooth flow of the day. Confidence is a factor which I feel improves every time you teach, and if lessons are well planned and subject knowledge is secure a teacher would automatically begin to feel confident. I am also concerned about classroom organisation and the implementation of routines. I observed many examples of set routines which the school follow, this is the responsibility of the teacher to enforce and then keep consistent. These are all attributes or responsibilities of an effective teacher and this essay will explore them and discuss possible ways of improving or developing them. I have also included my experience regarding assessment and the importance of identifying strengths and weaknesses to become an effective teacher. Finally, I have included some experiences of my university education which has helped me to identify my areas for concern. I feel that being an effective teacher should involve valuing, gaining and giving respect to the children. I was concerned how this could be achieved. I saw fantastic examples on my school placement which I hope to adopt myself. ...read more.


The children must have the opportunity to discuss their ideas to address any misconceptions they may possess. The teacher must be able to meet the needs of all the children on the carpet and I feel that the use of resources aids this. Using a range of teaching materials a teacher can incorporate fun into learning. Collis and Lacey (1996:9) stress that children learn more efficiently when they are actively involved. Another way to ensure the lesson flows smoothly is to have all resources and planning prepared earlier. I observed the teacher distributing work sheets and preparing resources during her break or dinner. Everything was planned earlier and this contributed to an effective lesson. During my core and foundation lessons, I made sure my resources and worksheets were organised and distributed before the children returned to their tables. I also allocated the other adults where I felt they were needed. A teacher will use many different methods of learning and it is therefore vital to be prepared and note down possible questions and useful information to aid teaching. " Questioning should not be left to the spur of the moment. It is wise to prepare some questions in advance so you can give thought to the type of questions you want to ask." (Dean.J, (2001) p.95). I found this very valuable when planning my own my own lessons. I listed the questions I would ask and already knew what outcome I was expecting. This helped me to stay focused on the topic, yet I allowed some flexibility if the children wanted to explore other ideas. Effective teachers will use " higher order questions which demand thinking on the part of the children" (ibid p.36). ...read more.


I observed year one and year three and upper key stage two. I saw the same behaviour management in all the classes. Year six children were given more responsibility over their time management and behaviour as the expectations were shared with them from the beginning. Year six did not sit on the carpet, all teaching took place at their tables. It helped to see how the children progress and the NNS and NLS is a valuable document which tells teachers how to develop the children's learning. I am concerned about becoming an effective teacher, and it is vital that all teachers should recognize their strengths and weaknesses. They should reflect on previous lessons and be able to set targets. I feel that teaching is an occupation where the teachers are also learning alongside the children. Sometimes lessons may not go as well as we anticipate or sometimes they may be better than previously thought. All this should be recorded by evaluating our progress after each day and building on our professional development. It is crucial to act upon areas which need improvement. In conclusion, I have highlighted my concerns of becoming an effective teacher. I have included possible ways to improve areas such as classroom management and behaviour. I have also included my school observations for examples of the teacher giving and receiving respect from the children. I have also included forms of assessment and self reflection which are crucial aspects of teaching. In my opinion, teaching is not simply a career, it becomes part of your life. A creative and stimulating teacher would gain great personal satisfaction from this profession and my school placement has confirmed my desires of becoming an effective classroom teacher. It is important for a teacher to be happy, organised and enthusiastic in school, knowing that they are making a difference to a child's future. ...read more.

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