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I am going to analyse the behaviour of a young person who attends the North Avenue Youth Centre (NAYC). The young person is male and is twelve years of age;

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Cover Sheet for Assessed Work. Lee McDermid ICE102: Human Relation - Assignment One Behaviour and Development 6th April 2006 Howard Nurden Work Count : Introduction In this assignment I am going to analyse the behaviour of a young person who attends the North Avenue Youth Centre (NAYC). The young person is male and is twelve years of age; he is also a twin. My plan for this essay is to critically analyse two theorists, Jean Piaget and Erik Erikson who are experts in the field human development. As I will be exploring adolescent young person I will be examining his behaviour under four main headings that a person will develop in. The four main areas of development are; 1. Physical: which is seen as biological and genetic and is moderated by things like food and health. 2. Cognitive, which includes communication and brain development. 3. Emotional and psychological, which includes the effects of physical and cognitive changes. 4. Sociological, which includes the influence of the media and peer groups. For the purpose of this assignment and to keep the name anonymous I will call the young person Lynden. Young Person's Profile. The young person that I will observe throughout this assignment attends the NAYC regularly on a Tuesday evening. He is a white male and is twelve years of age. ...read more.


The reason I think this is because schools these day are more open about the subject of developing young people. I understand that as informal educators it is our with in our self's to explore these subjects with young people in an open and liberal way, but with young people attend the youth felicities by choice, some young people are bound to miss the opportunity of our input in to their life's. With young people made to attend some for of education either in school or during home tuition, Although young people are taught about them self's, and how there body will develop I can see that this will still be a very worrying time for a young person. For young ladies the physical development of breasts may mean that some young people fell more self consurse then others. Cognitive Changes Lynden's cognitive development is maturing well for a young lad of his age although I still feel he lets him self down sometimes. Unlike is twin brother he is able to think through situations and even develops his own ideas. An example of this was when he was playing Kwik Cricket in the Sports Hall at the NAYC. He disagreed with a decision and starting having an argument with a volunteer. Lynden stopped him self from arguing with the volunteer and even said sorry. ...read more.


With Lynden and his brother growing up in the same environment going to the same school and having the same friends I believe it is only now at the adolescent stage of his life that he will start 9pushing the boundaries', going to places by himself and developing his own sense of identity. I believe this will be good for his brother as well because they are at the same life stage, so he will also be looking to form and shape his own identity as well. Conclusion During the writing of this assignment I have realised that being an adolescent is a traumatic time for a young person. I have also realised that they do not realise that they are going through it. In a way they just have to cope until the development is over. I believe it is my job to understand this and to accommodate young peoples needs during this time, also be open and willing to discuss these changes with them. This is especially important if there is not much support at home. The four areas of development happen at different times for each individual and I have also learnt there is no set way for this to happen. The knowledge I have gained during this assignment has and will influence my practice. I am going to work with integrity and it has also given me an insight into young people's behaviour of this age which deserves careful consideration when I am dealing with them. ...read more.

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