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I am going to compare the two advertisements l have been given, one is 'Save the children' and one is 'Barnardo's'.

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S.Ely I am going to compare the two advertisements l have been given, one is 'Save the children' and one is 'Barnardo's'. The points l am going to discuss are logo and contact information, slogan use of emotive language, use of repetition, pictures, use of 'you', message, appeal and target audience. The logo in the 'Save the Children' leaflet is the upper half of a body reaching g upwards. It is encircled by a thick line with a gap before it reaches the body. The contact information is not clearly seen, it is in small print, in while writing, against a grey background below one of the logos and slogans. It is in a clear font style and states all of the necessary information. It includes the 'Registered Charity Number'. The logo is usually blood red on either a grey, white or black background. It is placed a lot throughout the leaflet but on the last page it is placed next to the contact information in a clear place so that the contact information follows the solution having a bigger impact on YOU making a donation. ...read more.


The slogan 'Barnardo's' leaflet is 'GIVING CHILDREN BACK THEIR FUTURE'. It is in a bold font and in capitals to give more of an effect and to make it stand out. It makes you really think you are helping and it makes you want to be part of that experience and have a larger emphasis on changing someone's life for the better. 'Save the Children' uses lots of motive language such as 'Poverty, save, infected, virus, working children, chance, normal childhood, emergency, help, robbed of almost everything, crisis, bring aid, fee worldwide, makes a difference, regular gift, save the children, better lives and deprived families'. This is used to make us feel sorry of the children. It strategically places problem words at the start of the leaflet, to enhance your emotion, and then it uses solution words towards the end to show you how you can help. The 'Barnardo's' leaflet also uses strong emotive language in a similar patter using harsh problem words such as: 'drugs, addicted, living death, died, ...read more.


It makes her appear na�ve and defenceless. It says to you that she didn't really have a chance for a different life and it makes it seem that no-one cared for her. It is also in black and white giving it a greater impact and making the picture stronger and stand out more. I think both try to make you think that you could really make a difference and that you could really help. They are both really strong adverts that really play with your emotions to make you want to vive. They appeal really to anyone that is willing to give up a small amount of money to help and they even try to appeal to those that won't try and influence them. In conclusion, l have established that they are both very similar and very strong, powerful adverts. The only real differences being that the 'Barnardo's' advert is not as repetitive as the 'Save the Children' advert and that the Barnardo's' advert is shorter, more precise and to the point. Stephanie Ely 10R ...read more.

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