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I have been given a restricted amount of time, in which I have to complete my assigned task based on two areas of work these consist of the following:

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Introduction I have been given a restricted amount of time, in which I have to complete my assigned task based on two areas of work these consist of the following: * Early Years Provision - children ranging from the age of 3 months, to 10 years old. * Health Care - all health care services; mainly hospitals, and clinics. As part of my course, I will have to visit a placed from each area of work. My group and I have chosen to visit the following two services: * Lillie Road Fitness Centre - my group and I intend to visit the cr�che in the centre, and to interview a member of staff at the cr�che. This area of work will come up under the topic: Early Years Provision. * Chelsea & Westminster Hospital - my group and I plan on visiting the children's ward. We will try to arrange an appointment with a senior member of staff, so as to get a better quality of understanding, and information. This area of work will come up under the topic: Health Care. Not only will I interview the individual(s), but I will also be observing the staff at work. The reason why I have selected these two areas of work, is for the reason that I hope to investigate the following: 1. At Lillie Road Fitness Centre, I hope to investigate how well the children are treated, and how the organisation as a whole is funded. In addition to this, I would like to find out whether the clients and children's needs are met, and how the adults react to the children's behaviour, and how the children react to the staff. 2. At Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, I hope to look into young children's health and development. Additionally, I would like to find out how the hospital is funded, and whether the service is suitable for individuals with various types of disability. ...read more.


The questions were answered in detail, and were not "blunt" answers. Before leaving the cr�che, we asked if it would be possible to come and visit again. The staff agreed, we confirmed our visiting time and date at the reception desk. The receptionist looked half asleep at the counter! My Account Of The Cr�che At Lillie Road Fitness Centre- 2nd Visit. As soon as we reached the centre, we spotted the receptionist at the desk, staring in to space. When we reached the desk, the receptionist did not acknowledge us, so we signed in. Without the receptionist uttering a syllable, we made our way to the cr�che. Finally, we reached the cr�che. The environment seemed livelier than the visit beforehand. There were many more children (8 children - 5 babies, and 3 toddlers). There was also 3 supervisors, 2 of which were qualified workers, and one of which was not qualified, she was a helper. The helper was working with 2 babies, Donna was working with 3 babies, and Ann - the manager, had three older kids. There were many toys out, so that the kids would always be kept occupied. Charlie - an 8-month-old baby - would burst into tears each time an adult left him, which basically means that he needs 100% attention. I also noticed that the helper was trying to help the babies walk. After about 15 minutes, all the staff seemed to drift away from us, leaving us feeling isolated. Without the staff paying any attention to us, they started their singing session with the children. Everybody had an instrument, and they sang roughly 6 short songs. The children did not seem to be paying that much attention, with the exception of 2 or 3 older children. After the singing was over, Ann approached us, to see if we needed anything, we said that we needed her to answer a few questions. ...read more.


Occupation - Hospital Play Manager At the Hospital, there were both direct and indirect care workers. The vast majority of the staff were direct care workers, which simply means that you treat/help the patient face-to-face. I have decided to look into the role of a Hospital Play Manager - Alison Webster. Alison Webster deals/specialises with children of all ages, her role is to do the following: * Understand the effects of hospitalisation on the child, including how this can impact on their family - especially siblings. * Observe children's way of coping, and the behaviour they use through play, and thus help assess their levels of understanding and feelings towards their illness. * Identify specific play strategies to support children's needs, providing activities and toys appropriate to development and condition. A hospital play manager does not have a "typical day" because there are many different people to work with, and the working day does not always seem to go as planned originally. This occupation has not been heard of very much, but to become a Hospital Play Manager, you will need the following qualifications: BTech/NVQ Level 3 In Childcare A University QUALIFICATIONS NNEB Or Degree (COMPULSORY) Equivalent At least one year of Hospital Experience The team of Hospital Play Specialists have completed professional training to use play in healthcare, which help-s babies, children, teenagers, and their families to cope with the potential stresses of hospital life and illness. There are no other possible ways of gaining a qualification other than what is mentioned in the diagram above. The Care Value Base Care values are very important principles that all employers/employees from all occupations should follow. There are 5 main care values, and these include the following: * Anti-Discrimination This means that prejudice should not be permitted, i.e. judging people by their gender, age, race, religion, culture, and nationality. * Confidentiality Clients should have the right of privacy, meaning that if a client were to tell their doctor something personal, then the doctor should not tell other staff, or individual. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our AS and A Level Developmental Psychology section.

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