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I plan to observe Ben during story time. I will try to observe his development levels and record how he interacts with other children and the adults around him. I will make note of how he behaves sitting quietly for the 10mins before home time.

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Observation 4: Ben - Story time. 14th July 2002 3:00-3:15 Story time Aim I plan to observe Ben during story time. I will try to observe his development levels and record how he interacts with other children and the adults around him. I will make note of how he behaves sitting quietly for the 10mins before home time. Setting The primary school in which I am working, is situated on a campus with a sports centre, a community school and a 6th form college. It has 6 junior classes and 3 infant classes. There is a class room assistant and a teacher for each class. On Thursday and Friday there are 2 students working in the infants. There are a various number of parent helpers visiting on different days of the week. Ben is 7 years 2mths old and is in yr. 2. He is in the 2nd (middle) set for maths and in the 3rd (lower) set for literacy. He is friends with most of the children in the class but only has one really close friend, James. He does enjoy school, although he's not always on his best behaviour. ...read more.


Ben is told off and as soon as Mrs E begins to read again Ben gives her his full attention. At 3:10 the class get ready to go home. Both boys push and shove though the crowd of children in the cloakroom, and knock over Gary. Gary bumps his knee and says that "it hurts" but it is washed and he is fine. Both boys are told off and the parents are spoken too. Ben stands silently with his head down and ignores James pulling silly faces from the other side of the room. Learning for me In this observation I learnt that children can sometimes copy their peers. If James was ill or away Ben would probably have behaved well, without disruption. But James encouraged Ben's bad behaviour and I learnt that due to this encouragement Ben was disruptive during story time. If an adult were to encourage Ben to work on a project or some class work, he would do it, if only for a moment. If left un-encouraged he would get distracted and stop working, this also happens, although less often, if he is sitting alone. Mrs K and Mrs E have tried to encourage Ben into doing something long term rather than just for 10mins. ...read more.


Ben knows how to talk to different people i.e. teachers and his friends and he can observe the situation and apply appropriate thought into the conversation. Ben also gives his views about events or ideas in what he has read, he can read aloud and understand stories/information books. He can also use more than one way to work out the meaning of unfamiliar words. Ben knows how to act socially, he knows that it is important to respect others and get on with them. He knows that he should think about what's fair and unfair, right and wrong, he should behave appropriately but he doesn't always do as he is supposed to. J. Piaget sates that cognitive structures change through the processes of adaptation: assimilation and accommodation. Cognitive development consists of a constant effort to adapt to the environment in terms of assimilation (interpreting events in the present) and accommodation (events in a changing cognitive structure.) In his stages of development Piaget states that children of the concrete operational stage can think in a logical way but their thinking depends upon concrete sources. Ben does this in most of the activities and tasks that he has to face. He thinks for him self if given the correct encouragement. ...read more.

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