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I will be discussing some of the sociological concepts which are used to explain the impact of the social world on our identity.

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In this essay I will be discussing some of the sociological concepts which are used to explain the impact of the social world on our identity. It seems that our primary Socialisation- from our parents and close family plays an important role in our identity. Right from the start parents are conditioning their children to behave in a certain way depending on their gender, using phrases such as 'pretty girl' and 'big strong boy' children form ideas in their heads that this is what they should be. Painting a baby's room pink or blue depending on their gender and the clothes they wear, also add to the gender stereotype, if people see a baby in a blue baby-grow they will assume it's a boy. Children are also given toys depending on their gender, dolls for girls and cars for boys. Our parents are our first contact with how adults behave, children learn by copying their parents, girls may have a baby doll to look after like mum and boys may have a toy tool kit to fix things like dad, this is children working out their role in society. ...read more.


The media has strong messages of expectation of our appearance, popular woman's magazines have skinny, beautiful women on the cover, and celebrities are becoming skinnier and skinnier with much talk recently of some female celebrities being a size 0! This is a hard image for young girls to live up to these day, we are constantly being given the message that in order to be what society views as beautiful we should wear fashionable clothes, have perfect hair and make up and be unhealthily slim. The increasing number of people who are now having cosmetic surgery surely proves this point women want to be perfect, like a 'Barbie doll' with more and more women having breast implants and liposuction to create this image. The media portray men to be very masculine, strong handsome with tattoos. I'm sure all these things produce much insecurity in teenagers of both sexes leading to things such as eating disorders and suicide. Again in the workplace there are gender stereotyped jobs. Nursing is a job which I think for men has a stigma attached, it is thought to be a female profession just as doctors or surgeons are stereotyped as male professions. ...read more.


From a young age children are bombarded with images of what we should be like and how it is socially acceptable for us to live our lives. But the importance of having all these influences' around us good or bad can be seen by looking at cases of Feral children or children who have been isolated from other human contacts. These children have been denied any socialisation and so do not know how a human should behave. Children who have been raised by animals often take on the characteristics of the animal such as walking on all fours, barking etc. Children in confinement often can't stand or walk because they have never used the muscles to perform such actions for a long period of time. With nearly all feral child case there has been no communication skills or social skills. This is because they have not been taught or observed such skills. In conclusion I think it is very important for a child to go through the various stages of socialisation because this will help them understand and make sense of the world around them. ?? ?? ?? ?? Jill Hehir The Sociology of Identity. 24th October 2006 1 ...read more.

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