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importance of nursery rhymes - child psychology

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One, two, three, four, five, once I caught a fish alive. Six, seven, eight, nine, ten then I let it go again. Why did you let it go? Because it bit my finger so! Which finger did it bite? This little finger on my right!! I have chosen the above children's nursery rhyme as I believe children can learn a lot from this nursery rhyme and there are many benefits to children learning this rhyme from a young age. Firstly, and probably most obvious reason why this rhyme is educational for children, is that it teaches the first ten numbers of the number spectrum, these ten numbers build the whole foundations of the rest of the maths learning. ...read more.


Games can also be made out of this nursery rhyme, allowing children to interact with each other whilst having fun and learning the nursery rhyme. Making fish shapes and sticking magnets on them, then a rod with a magnet for the children to catch the fish one by one as they say the song. This is another way to help them remember the words that match how the game is played. The earliest traceable publication of the nursery rhyme one, two, three, four, five was in 1888. Nursery rhymes in general are a major part of children's childhood and going into pre-school-education. Nursery rhymes help to teach children awareness of language. ...read more.


There are many nursery rhymes that adults remember from being a child and a lot of these rhymes also bring back happy memories of their childhood years as singing these rhymes at home with parents/siblings and also at nursery/school was always a happy experience growing up. Nursery rhymes and children's songs are extremely educational, probably the most education child's song is the alphabet song, its just saying the alphabet with a slight twist in the speed some letters are said. It's a very easy way to remember the order of the alphabet. My daughter learnt the alphabet at a young age by listening to and remembering the way in which the alphabet song is sung. ?? ?? ?? ?? Child Psychology Module 5 Child psychology Karis Greene S.N - H/L0011617 ...read more.

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