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In what ways are families god for society?

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Introduction There are several different ways in which you could describe a family because there are so many different kinds. Sociologists describe a family as 'a group of people who live together (or have lived together) who are generally related by blood or marriage ties and support each other economically and emotionally' Examples of different types of families are: > Nuclear Families - families with two generations (usually parents and children) > Extended families - a nuclear family joined by other relatives > Joint families - several nuclear families living together > Reconstituted families- when partners remarry and form new families after divorce. > Single parent families- one parent bringing up the children Nuclear families are the most common in our society and are undeniably encouraged more than any other sort of family because the parents are married, living together bringing up their own children and there are no complications whereas single parent families and reconstituted families are frowned upon the most in our society because they have obviously divorced and have had issues with their previous families etc. ...read more.


later life because they wouldn't be aware of what is acceptable and what isn't and they wouldn't be able to cope in life or know how to interact with other human beings. Children also need to be taught how to show their feelings and how to form emotional bonds with other people. Otherwise, they will almost certainly find it difficult to ever love anyone throughout their life. Socialisation > Primary socialisation- this happens when a child is born and throughout its childhood. It is usually learnt through initiation and interaction. (this is very important because it's the process in which children learn how to speak etc) > Secondary socialisation-this is when we learn to behave in a wider society and learn what is considered to be important. > Adult socialisation- how we learn to behave in the world of work and parenting Economic Support Families in our society play their part to support each other economically so they don't have to cope all on their own and have someone to turn to if they're in need of help. ...read more.


People feel the most wanted and at ease with their family because they have the strongest emotional relationship with them and they also know them better than anyone else. Security and position Families give us a sense of belonging and a position in society, which is very important because therefore, we know exactly who we are and where we came from. If we didn't know who our relations were it would be very confusing because we wouldn't feel particularly close to anyone and we wouldn't have any source of a background. Conclusion We need families because we need someone to support us emotionally and financially, we need someone to teach us what is acceptable in society and what isn't acceptable, we need to feel a sense of belonging in the world, we need someone to bring us up so we develop into mature adults and above all we need to feel loved and wanted by other people and therefore learn to love others in return. ...read more.

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