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Investigating racial awareness and whom it affects in primary schools?

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Unit 10 assignment Title: Investigating racial awareness and whom it affects in primary schools? Abstract: I have carried out an investigation on racism in primary school settings and who these matters may concern. I handed 10 questionnaires to my first placement I only received half back, so I handed another five to a different primary school I am at now these all got completed. In the questionnaire it had 10 questions to find out staffs views and if they feel their school environment provides multi-cultural. I will be showing my results in forms of bar and pie charts and finish of with a conclusion of the overall investigation. I conclude that the teacher, LSA and students who filled the questionnaires in didn't understand the term multi-cultural and why we need to be aware of it. Introduction: I am carrying out an investigation on race and who racism is affecting within primary schools settings. The main issue of carrying the investigation out is if teachers are coping with racial equality and if qualified staffs are promoting positive images and if they know enough information about this issue for them to be making it aware for children at a young age. ...read more.


The CRE is under 1976 Race Relations Act this works towards the elimination of discrimination. Method The method I used to find out the results was by using a questionnaire that I thought of with other members of the class. I think it was a good way to get the answers I needed, I only put 10 questions inside as I thought too many will make it drag on to much. I handed 10 to my first placement but I only got five back as I gave them to a teacher to pass around I will not do that again as I only received five back. I then handed another five to my new placement to fill out. Results: Findings: I have found the same information I had predicted. The questionnaires have been a great deal of help to find the information I needed to complete the results. I have all together 10 questionnaires filled out five of these are from Parkway primary school. I first handed 10 to this placement but I only received five questionnaires back even after a letter had been sent out asking for them back please. In my new placement Slade Green Infants I handed them out in the staff room and asked them to fill them in there and then. ...read more.


The children need to be considerate of other people beliefs, as some children at home may not have the opportunity to learn this at hit's the teachers, early year's practitioners, LSA's and even students opportunity to promote anti-discrimination. The change to the routine I would make are as simple as introducing a country and learning, talking or doing activities on it for as little as an hour a day. If this was to come in to the curriculum plan for all school I am sure the children today would not be in some of the situations. Donnellan C says, "Children have the right to a life free of racist abuse-children need to be offered encouragement to report racial harassment and to view themselves as having the right to a life free of racist abuse. Where children see staff tackling action against bulling, they are more likely to feel able to 'tell'." (Pg.5, 1999) This proves that children will feel more secure if they know that the adults and helper around them are there to provide support, positive thoughts and images. The book that has provided me with the information I have needed to complete this assignment has showed me telephone calls that are made by children to ChildLine. This has helped me to release how important anti-discrimination is in the school environment. ...read more.

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