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Is evil learned or innate behaviour? Discuss.

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#1. Is evil learned or innate behaviour? Discuss. 500 words Evil is often mistaken to be innate behaviour, but in reality evil is learned. The definition of evil is someone or something that is morally bad or wrong; wicked. It can also be defined as a sin. Evil is learned through other people and it can happen to anyone. It can involve situations like, family problems, like divorce, or the community where one grows up in can have a major effect on a person. It is learned when an individual has a temper and yells at another person or uses physical abuse towards them. When a child is first born into this world they do not already have evil inside them, it is learned by their surroundings, as they grow older. ...read more.


Kids will start to feel insecure and they might get themselves into the wrong things like drugs. They would turn to bad things for help because they are feeling insecure. If it is an adult watching their parents go through a divorce then they can probably get a better understanding of it and why it is necessarily. But, even those who are getting the divorce can turn to things that can make them learn to be evil, by hanging out with different people and turning to alcohol and drugs. Things like this shows how evil is not innate and is learned. In today's society there are many parts of communities that don't have a good reputation and involve kids who deal drugs and do drugs. ...read more.


Television also has a big role in a person learning evil. A great example is shown on TV. If you have ever seen a show called The Simpsons, the baby, Maggie, shows to be an innocent little child until she learns to do bad things to others, which is shown on a certain program on television. This is a perfect example that show's how evil is not innate behaviour, but is actually learned. Therefore, through examples of today's society and through television evil is all around the world in every community, whether its family or not. Evil is learned and is not innate behaviour. Writing Folder #3. One Submission. Submitted by: Lucia Brizzi Submitted to: Ms. Bumbaca Due: July 16, 2003 ENG - 4UO ...read more.

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