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It is poverty, not single parenthood which causes children to fail in the education system.

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Sociology Coursework It is poverty, not single parenthood which causes children to fail in the education system. Aim Single parents' families headed by one mother have particularly come under attack. Fatherless families are blamed for rising crime, education failure the children in the work and dependence on the State Welfare. My aim to find out if the lack of a father figure is to blame for the failure of the children in the education system. I will also look at other factors of educational underachievement such as parental interest and poverty and material deprivation. I will explore Charles Murray's view that single parent hood has contributed to creating a whole new strata of society, the under class. I will also look at how Abbot and Wallace criticise this view. Context and Concepts It has been argued that the absence of a father figure weakness family control of children and deprives boys of a male role model. Charles Murray blames fatherless families for the emergence of an underclass; this blames the victims of poverty for their own deprivation. It has been argued that there is a genetically inferior underclass of people that gain welfare whose poverty is a consequence of their lack of intelligence and their cultural outlook rather than of any differences inopportunity and advantage caused by structure. ...read more.


Main Research Method and Reasons The research method I will use is a semi-structured interview, using this method I hope to produce both statistical and in depth data. I shall prepare a list of questions before hand so the interview will produce relevant data. By using this method I should gain a better understanding of the respondent's perceptions and motivation and hopefully new ideas and perspectives should emerge which I haven't thought of before. I will also get a better idea on the individual personality and therefore increase my level of insight into the problem this should enable me to ask further relevant questions. All this should make my investigation more valid than a questionnaire could do and should provide me with detailed accounts of the problems of single parent hood. Because I will have considered the questions carefully beforehand I can be sure they will cover the areas I need and lean be sure that all respondents are asked the same questions. Therefore I can make comparisons between them am! Also the research can be repeated at another time by a different researcher which makes it reliable. ...read more.


feel under pressure from my presence and answer questions in a way they might think I want them to be answered instead of what they truly believe. They might give false information as they feel they are being judged or are embarrassed this would cause problems with the validity of my research. Some people do not like talking to strangers, particularly about financial problems and respondents might be embarrassed to reveal the extent of their poverty, giving me invalid information. As I am I female my attude towards this study might be biased and could sway the respondent's answers, I do have opinions about this issue and 1 could lose objectivity because of it. As I can only interview people who live in the same district as myself, my results will be only representative of the area in which I live. I will not be able to generalize the whole country. Interviewing children could also cause problems, especially if they are very young. They might not have the knowledge of the type of information, which I am after or they might not understand the questions. The questions I ask the children will have to be catered specially for them. ...read more.

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