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Discuss the value of IWB in supporting primary learning and teaching. How does the technology make it easier/ better/ more motivated than traditional methods? We are already seeing rapid developments in the status of ICT in primary schools, it now effectively being one of the four main subjects of the primary curriculum, together with Literacy, Numeracy and Science. There is also a subtle change in the nomenclature with the initials ICT being used rather than I.T. ICT emphasises the increasingly important role that communications will have when schools have ready access to the enormous network of computers, which is known as the Internet. The ever-increasing importance of ICT in education is indicated by the high profile, which the government is giving to ICT, and the large amount of money that is being channelled into hardware and software. ICT is more than just another teaching tool; its potential for improving the quality and standards of pupils' education is immense. What is the pedagogic justification for investing huge sums of money into ICT resources? If Teachers' cannot answer this by demonstrating enhanced pupil learning outcomes, then the government should not expect to provide support for the resources. Interactive White boards are just one of a teachers resources in their quest to deliver outstanding teaching. Effective teaching takes account of the four different learning styles those being, visual, auditory, kinaesthetic and tactile. ...read more.


When videos are embedded within the materials the transition computer - and video based materials is seamless. As more schools are fitted with interactive whiteboards there is a real need for teachers to play an active role in specifying the ways in which this extremely powerful tool is installed and used. The technology can have a profound change on the ways in which we teach our children and, more fundamentally, the ways in which we organise the curriculum in the school. In recent experience I have noticed that some schools are not maximising the use of the IWB in either the classroom or the ICT suite. For example in one particular school the IWB was on a free standing stand in a corner not plugged in, and the children were being taught on individual computers. It is essential that teachers and children are fully exposed to the benefits of the IWB. The use of multimedia software applications on the IWB is important to consider as it has more than one medium, that is text, sound, pictures, video and animation. One powerful feature of multimedia text is their interactivity the reader can choose how explore the text, how to read it, how to hear it, watch it. The author can no longer predict how the text will be experienced, and the readers could create a virtually new text of their own. ...read more.


I asked the children to come to the front of the class and demonstrate how to use this hyperlink to the rest of their peers. By getting the children involved and up at the front of the class, it built on their confidence and self- esteem, it also gave them motivation to complete the task. The second part of my interactive presentation was to move the children on from plants. They were to find out which plants were edible for example fruits and vegetables. The purpose of this activity was to identify whether the children knew the difference between a fruit (seeded) and a vegetable. By putting pictures of the different fruits and vegetables on the IWB it allowed them to think about the item and work out which category they fell into. Once again I invited selected children up to put the picture in the right place. This allowed my to assess the child's understanding while building on their confidence of standing up in front of their peers. ICT plays a vital role in a child's education, this subject should be maximised to it's full potential. It should be used in each and every subject that the child is taught where applicable, the amount of skills that the children hone on while using ICT and IWB is staggering. It should not be regarded as "just another teaching tool". As the potential for raising the standard in the curriculum subjects and the child's education is great. IWB are in my opinion a worthwhile commodity in any modern classroom today. ...read more.

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