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Jean Piaget - (1896-1980)

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Jean Piaget - (1896-1980) * He was famous for working out a universal sequence of stages of cognitive development * Notable for his idea that children (and adults) are continually generating theories about the external world * He set out stages for when certain new aspects of generating theories; 1. Sensorimotor stage: which occurs from birth to age two (Children experience through their senses) 2. Preoperational stage: which occurs from ages two to seven (motor skills are acquired) 3. Concrete operational stage: which occurs from ages seven to eleven (children think logically about concrete events) ...read more.


* Towards the end of the second year, a qualitatively quite new kind of psychological functioning occurs. Concrete Operational stage * This stage is characterized by the appropriate use of logic. Important processes during this stage are: -Decentering - where the child takes into account multiple aspects of a problem to solve it -Reversibility - where the child understands that numbers or objects can be change, then returned to their original state -Conservation - understanding that quantity, length or number of items is unrelated to the arrangement or appearance of the object or items -Serialisation - the ability to arrange objects in an order according to ...read more.


Formal Operational stage * This stage commences at around 12 and commences into adulthood * During this stage, the young adult functions in a cognitively normal manner and therefore is able to understand such things as love, "shades of grey" and values Criticisms * Many find that children combine conceptions from different developmental stages, are in different stages in different areas of life, and their advancement in thinking can be seen to vary from minute to minute * It sites the inability of most adults to reach the formal operational level in all areas of life, this appearing to be largely reserved for students of tertiary education * Some claim that the theory is only truly applicable for western society ...read more.

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