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Key factors influencing the individual behaviour

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Title: Key factors influencing the individual behaviour Author: Konrad Durnakowski, EU Student Subject: Management Organisational Behaviour Introduction Every of us is different. That is the old truth that none can deny it. However we have a lot of in common. For instance there are processes that influence behaviour most of us. Let alone many scientific theories on human being behaving, we can divide them into two main categories: internal and external factors. Internal factors (personal) Achievement attitudes Ambitious and moderate people are often incompatible because they have different perceptions of what is important. The ambitious person feels that he cannot waste time on trivial things, and the moderate individual will be more contemplative and not make as much effort to achieve goals. Energy level Your energy level determines the rhythm of your life. Some people get up early and have already done many things before breakfast while others would rather stay in bed and sleep late. Human dynamos and slow, passive people can only frustrate each other. The energetic individual needs to be active to be happy. ...read more.


It is possible for a disorganized person to become more organized, but this requires great effort and changing established habits. External factors (social) Control attitudes How do you get other people to do what you want? You can try to convince them or you can force them. Control attitudes may range from gentle persuasion to downright physical domination or psychological brainwashing. Bullying, intimidation, blackmail, and physical abuse are examples of these dangerous behaviors. Deceit is sometimes used to control some else without resorting to physical violence. Most confidence games use deceit to take advantage of greed or innocence. No stable relationships can be built without mutual respect and agreement. Egocentrism Selfishness and generosity are the two extremes of egocentrism. A person who is modest, forgiving, and willing to sacrifice for others is sociable. Greedy, resentful, and arrogant persons are dangerous for a relationship; they only think about themselves. Egocentric persons are seldom generous or kind to others and cannot have good relationships. A good relationship requires both partners to be generous so that their needs can be satisfied without causing either one to feel that they sacrifice too much or that they put more effort into the relationship than their partner. ...read more.


It takes a combination of confidence and knowledge to consistently be a leader. Leaders may also have to assume responsibility for the actions of those whom they influence. Successful relationships may be established between leaders and followers. Two followers may flounder during crucial decisions, and two leaders may disagree on the course to be taken. Physical appearance We cannot change our physical framework very easily. It is not easy to lose weight or build shapely muscles, but it is now possible to routinely change unsightly noses and crooked teeth with cosmetic surgery and orthodontics. We can modify our appearance with corsets, cosmetics, and fine clothing to improve our self-image and our confidence. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and all our efforts may not change the way in which others perceive us. Team Spirit Team spirit is a measure of how we fit in society. If one feels it, he or she will be more likely to be influenced by the actions taken by others. The others who cannot experience it from unknown reasons (it is crucial to work with other people in any group) will stay isolated and will have problems with changing their behaviour for better one. Author: Konrad Durnakowski, EU Student ...read more.

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