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Knowing Pains.

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English - Non Fiction and Media Texts Knowing Pains In Knowing Pains, Lipmann shows she adores her children. She starts by using the verb "love". This suggests she is very fond and caring towards them. She describes how she gazes at them with awe, implying she is obsessed with them and worships them like idols. The word awe suggests she looks up to them, which is ironic as children usually look up to their parents. Next she says "rapturously grateful, which emphasises how deliriously happy her children make her feel. The metaphor 'over the moon' conveys her strong feelings about them. She then goes on to say 'my gratitude is touching.' ...read more.


We also see that their children see her a bit of a loony woman, trying to be like them, for example "Occasionally, as we sit fogey like at the table while they clear up... we have been known to get a fit of the giggles...they meanwhile exchange derisory glances at our childish witticisms." This is ironic as the parents are the ones that are seen as childish, not the children. Furthermore she describes a conversation that shows a roll reversal. Lipmann's son, Adam expected her to nag, but she didn't. This amazes him. This is effective because she goes completely against mother instincts and thanks him for cleaning, something he is not prepared for. Also she says "when suddenly did I become an amusing pet". ...read more.


This is effective because it suggests she doesn't like her older child much, but doesn't want to show it. Finally she lists all of the stages of her children's lives, and becomes nostalgic. For example "will they ever walk, will they ever sleep" This shows how she has managed to overcome the big stages in their life and led them through it. Then she says "I have to smile and shake my head in a way only American moms in movies ever seem to do." This suggests she feels that she needn't worry as these are done by instinct, and she is not really needed in their development, except to be there for them and to love them. ...read more.

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