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Left Alone

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Left Alone 'Time of death, fourteen fifty two,' 'No, no it can't be true; Ben, Ben come back to me. Ben? No.' 'I'm very sorry Mrs. Dolling, we did all we could, would you like to be left alone?' 'Yes, yes please, I'd like to say goodbye.' 'Certainly. If you need anything......' 'Thank you,' sobbed Grace. 'Ben, why did you leave us? How are we going to cope? I'm going to have to go to the workhouse, oh I wish you were here to give me some advice. Things are going to be so hard. I'm going to have to go now, I've left the children with Betty next door but you know what she's like with children! Goodbye, my love, I'll see you in my dreams.' And with that grace stood up, kissed her husband on the head and left the hospital feeling empty, lost and bewildered Earlier that morning, Grace's husband, Ben Dolling had been involved in a fatal accident. ...read more.


Bach to the story, as soon as grace heard about the accident, she dropped the children to her next door neighbors and rushed straight to hospital. She got to the room just as Ben slipped away. It seemed as if he had held on until Grace had got there and then passed away. As Grace returned home, she felt numb, sorrowful, and angry; Angry at Ben for leaving her; Angry at John for being so careless; And angry at God for letting it all happen. Grace couldn't face picking up the children for a while after she returned home so she went for a walk, as it was too unnerving sitting in the house alone. Grace didn't know where to go, as her family had deserted her when she married 'too young', and she had moved away from her friends in London to keep the children safe.. ...read more.


Grace left the house to find work, and found a job in the local dress factory. She started that day and got home at about seven o'clock in the evening. Grace carried on with the same routine the next day, but when she returned home, the children had gone. Her initial reaction was that they were hiding but she then came across a letter from her next door neighbor saying that shed had taken in the children after having found them alone. The letter said that they were going to call social services. Grace was distraught. She had no one left. She was Alone. There was only one person that the majority of the blame was aimed at, and that was John. If it wasn't for him then none of this would have happened. Grace collapsed on the floor in floods of tears; swearing revenge and at that grabbed the first sharp object that she saw, and stormed over to John's. Charlotte Jarvis 10 JE ...read more.

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