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"Let your children go if you want to keep them."

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"Let your children go if you want to keep them." (Malcome Forbes) Even though I am not a mother nor did I spent much time with the little monsters they call children, I would like to explain why I fully agree with Forbes in this matter. It is that I experienced and took advantage of the wisdom hidden in his advice. At the age of 15, my father was afraid to allow me my dream of three months stay at the capitol of "suspicious China". My best friend�s father was sent to work there, and as Julia and I missed each other awfully we had the wonderful idea that I could attend her German foreign school as well... All that easy as I believed this to be, I obviously encountered my parents slightly surprised when their little innocent teenage-girl asked them for a ticket to Beijing and a good-bye hug... ...read more.


I suppose Forbes� wisdom can be compared to the example of a cat locked in a room. Without rest, she would look for a way to escape from the room. Would the door be opened we most probably find a relaxed cat stretched out on the sunny desk of our table. What is it then that makes this difference? Or - how can we actually learn to be relaxed not only in a locked room but also in every situation? I suppose, if we are too attached to whatever things get sticky. The situation gets sticky. This freedom or awareness that everything is possible and this trust that the situation will turn out in the right way, gets lost. This is about being too attached. ...read more.


Instead of taking this public insult personal and, thus, saying bad things about him as well, I tried to keep in mind, I tried to really become aware that it is most probably not my behaviour but something bad that he experienced which makes him yell at me now. Of course, if he had a good reason it's best to realize one's mistake and to excuse oneself for it. However, even though I was surely right and he simply rude, I still try to keep that impersonal and joyful view and, thus, made the inward wish for Mr. Bad-tempered to soon have good sex again. Essay level of formality: rather informal intended audience: friends; people who have an interest in my personal thoughts/ world perception. purpose: inform, persuade. BENOTUNG: content: 1 style: 3 ?? ?? ?? ?? Haus�bung 1 Johanna Weber 122 - Essays with Dr. Lipold-Stevens 6th of May, 2006 ...read more.

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