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Look at the team employed in your work placement. If this is not suitable, choose a team known to you from a previous job. Consider the roles played by different team members and how the effective this enables the team to be.

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Task 2 - Look at the team employed in your work placement. If this is not suitable, choose a team known to you from a previous job. Consider the roles played by different team members and how the effective this enables the team to be. List the ways in which the team could improve. Description of placement: - my placement is a nursery which is attached to a primary school. There are 52 children that attend the nursery during each day; you have the full time children and part time children (AM and PM). The day starts at 9:00 am and finishes at 3:30 pm. Description of teachers: - there are five teachers and two students at present, each teachers has there job title and work on the basis of it. * Full Time Teacher:- the full time teacher is reasonable for the children and the other teachers/students, she has to make sure that the children are meeting there development needs, also do a daily check of equipment to make sure that it not broken, and run the nursery to the best standards so the children and teachers are working in the best environment * Full Time Nursery Nurse: - the full time nursery nurse plans activities for the children to carry out during the day, making sure the children are learning and not repenting themselves e.g. changing the activities a few times a day. * Full Time SEN Teacher: - she assists bilingual children so they are able to communicate with the rest of the class. * Part Time Nursery Nurse (AM):- the part time nursery nurse carries out activities for the children to carry out; she is usually outside with the children on the play ground to assist the children in case of an injury. * Part Time Nursery Nurse(PM):- the part time does the same during the day as the other part time nursery nurse, * Student:- the students have there own work to do during there work experience, so ...read more.


get on with it, they carry out observations, activities, etc, * Student:- the students does the same as the other student I carried out an observation on how the team in my placement work together, how well they communicate with each other, and how well they listen. I have drawn an outline of my placement (see diagram) so you get the picture of where they usually are and how they meet the needs of the children. I carried out an observation on the 21st May 2002 Observation 9am - I start placement at 9am, so the teachers are already there, they are already in the positions (different each day) they discuss what they plan to do before the day arrives, as they have a sheet which they fill in every Friday, e.g. if the subject is on were going on a bear hunt, they sit down as a group and discuss what activities they would like to do and what needs it would meet for the children. 9:10am the full time teacher takes the register, to see who in and who's not At 10:30 all the teachers sit down and read to the children there are two group's Full time and Part time, the teachers discuss whose going to read and who's going to sing nursery rhymes. The children have lunch at 11:30am and the teachers go for there lunch, before they go they had a chat on the children discussing what they did, and talking about doing a display on growth, they was talking for about 15/20 minutes on how they would do it and where it would go, then they went for there lunch. Had to finishes observation when I got back from lunch as I had and activity to do, but the communication from each person didn't stop. During the day the teachers get on with what they have planned to do, they do seek help/information as they discuss it with the other members of the team, but mostly the full time teacher. ...read more.


I'm going to be subjective to say that all the teachers in the nursery communicate well with each other and get on well, they understand what they have to do before the day actually starts and are a really good team to work with. The Full Time Teacher is approachable, you can ask questions and she will go out of her way to help, you can see she is really busy but she still wants to help, she always comes and ask questions e.g. are you enjoying your stay, would you like to do an activity, what have you gained etc, The SEN teacher always informs people about the children how will they are achieving and what needs need to be met, she always ask questions, and communicates well with the other teachers, students and children. All the nursery nurse are easy to talk to more than the other, as they are round my age, and understand what I need to do, they communicate well with everyone but I think they like a little more attention than the other teacher as they like to be praised for everything they do. I would say the person that listens, understands, and makes the environments an easy going one, would be the full time teacher, as she takes the most time out to meet everyone's needs, she always there when you need help, or equipment and is pleasant to chat to. She has made the students feel very welcome and also feel like one of the team. So it would be fair the say that the team in the nursery wouldn't need to change in anyway, as they have enough workers so they all have a fair amount of work to do, they communicate well, and listens well to, it's a happy environment for everyone especially the children, which counts the most. ?? ?? ?? ?? BTEC National Diploma in Early Years Unit 2 - Communication & Interpersonal Skills Assignment 2 Working in Teams ...read more.

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