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Media Studies : What Ideologies Lies Behind 'Gingerbread'?

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Media Studies : What Ideologies Lies Behind 'Gingerbread'? This short essay focuses on an episode of the popular TV series, Buffy The Vampire Slayer. The episode is called 'Gingerbread'. The general storyline behind the episode is that Joyce (Buffy's mother) finds two dead children and forms MOO(Mothers Oppossed to the Occult). This political group tries to eliminate everything tyo do with the Occult from their town, unfortunately this also means Buffy and some of her friends such as Willow. During the episode we find out taht the two children are actually ghost like creatures who have been doing this sort of thing for hundreds of years. The episode contains a lot of ideologies and beliefs about the world we live in today. ...read more.


This shows that Sunnydale is a place where, in general, the teenagers have the upper hand over the adults. Buffy also shows how strong she by saving herself and not needing help from anyone, further emphasising her strength of character. In the modern world today it is considered that adults do things much more successfully than tenagers. This ideology is completely upturned in 'Gingerbread'. When Joyce decides to come forward and try to stop the vampires, killings and evil practices she only makes things much much worse tahn it already was. Near the start of the episode she tells Buffy that although Buffy is the Slayer she is not making things any better, she is just keeping the evil at bay. ...read more.


we will still be stupid enough to kill ourselfs. The way that the adults are manipulated by the evil demons instead of the children./teenagers also goes to show that the adults are, in a way, more naive then the younger generation. This is much like the film The Faculty. Infact in Buffy either all of the adults are monsters of evil, depraved or simply insane. It is clear to see that the creator of the Buffy series, Joss Whedon has very strong beliefs about the world we live in today and tries to get these across and emphasis them in every episode of his show. So successful has the show been it is almost right to say that the word 'Buffy' is a metaphor for 'a strong female icon' , and this episode in particular allows Joss Whedon to express his views very clearly and precisely. ...read more.

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