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Mining in Cilfynydd and the Rhondda

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Mining in Cilfynydd and the Rhondda Before 1850 Cilfynydd was a very different place. The population increased dramatically whereas before 1850 it was a rural area after 1850 it became overcrowded and cramped. Before 1850 the roads were muddy tracks and the rivers were pure and clean. Before 1850 disease was less common after it was a lot more widely spread because of the cramped conditions and overcrowding. After 1850 the population rose from 1,000 to 120,000 people. People came to South Wales for jobs in the pit the housing conditions were better than where they had come from but they were still pretty poor standards of living. New industry developments brought Cilfynydd into a new age. ...read more.


One of the main tasks done by children was opening and closing trap doors that were situated at the end of each underground tunnel. This job which required sitting in total darkness was usually done by four to five year olds. Living conditions were terrible; they lived in small cramped houses. Even though they were terrible conditions to live in they were still better than where they had come from. The role of the mother in the family was to cook, clean and look after the children. She would also manage the family's finances, this meant that she had to keep enough money to pay all the bills and the rent she also had to buy the food and clothes for the family. ...read more.


For hundreds of years the most popular sport in Wales was Knappan. But with industrialization of Wales, there was neither the time nor space to play the game and soccer and rugby gradually replaced it but rugby was and still is the most popular by far. Music was a popular form of entertainment. It brought people in the community together because everyone enjoyed singing and listening to music. A lot of people liked to go to church this was a good thing because it kept the men and boys from going to the pubs and getting drunk. It also brought the community together. As you can see by 1900 Cilfynydd had turned into a mining industry from the few farms and quiet countryside. The population had grown greatly and instead of beautiful landscapes there were streets and streets of terraced houses and train tracks. Hannah Jones 9/3 9/E ...read more.

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