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Minority Group Influence

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Minority group influence One of the biggest problems is that the majority group are weary of change so building up credibility within the group will be good as it will mean that the minority will then have the right to hold different ideas in the group after a period of time. This is often referred to as idiosyncrasy credit and is firstly done by conforming to the group norm in order to fit in. Not only will this enable ideas to put across more willingly but will build up confidence levels so the majority of the group will that the minority is right in what the say. ...read more.


This means for the minority group that because you still have the same status (social workers) then you will need to build up credibility for greater influence. The type of power expressed is also a key thing to use when presenting ideas when in the group. Ideally, expert power would increase the amount of influence spread over the group. This type of power requires insider knowledge of the topic/ ideas being presented. A way to do this would be to use correct term when addressing the members of the social workers so they feel that you hold more of a professional standard and will therefore have more respect towards the minority group. ...read more.


A major pointer to increase influence is maintaining your behavioural style. Being consistent in your behaviour is vital but you must remember to be firm in your ideas whilst still managing to be flexible rather than stubborn. This is so that the majority groups will see the minority as more trustworthy and confident in itself. By building up idiosyncrasy credit, using expert power and being consistent in behaviour, the minority group of psychologists will be able to influence majority group behaviour. The result will likely be a conversion of the majority group to conform to the ideas that the minority group propose. ...read more.

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